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Isolate Servers?

I'll put it out there - I like this game compared to the last versions. The skating engine is fantastic and it feels like they've put some effort in for once.

However it's also abundantly clear they lack the ability required in their tech department to fix the lag issue between certain countries. For 5 years now I've been able to know exactly where a player is from depending on how bad it is for me in the UK. Moderate? They're Swedish or South Finland. Absolute mud-skate fest with zero ability to pass, receive or switch players? They're located in Finland.

So, since there's presumably a talent-pool problem, let's make it easy and allow us to choose servers! I can play Canadians and Russians thousands of miles away just fine, so let me play them instead of endless lag fest's against a much closer country. Why should I be forced into games that make me want to scream? Simply let me essentially block all Finns and this game would be awesome!

Surely select-a-server isn't hard to add in?


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