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Basic Problems HUT ( my opinion)

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edited October 2018
I wanted to talk about some basic problems. it's about the HUT mode. as much has been written, there are no penaltys for our team, the defenders are backwards faster than my players forward, how can that be? the goalis are better than spiderman. And what annoys me is that every cpu Player catch my pass, even he skate backwards. I've never seen anything like this in ice hockey. and why are all cpu players faster than my, all my players have over 90 speed.
the game is not fun, but ea does not change it, for EA is more important to sell packs for 100 euros, a real insolence. So much money, for a virtual card, which is worth nothing more than 4 weeks. and every year everything starts again.
I do not spend a euro on it. I play for fun and not to throw my money out of the window.

Please EA, make the Game better, so that we have fun.
We all Love Hockey, but not with so many mistakes. :'(
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