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Gameplay from Beta/First day Versus Gameplay now.

Hi all,

I want to see how many of us are divided on this. My question to all of you is..

Do you see a noticeable difference in gameplay now versus when the beta was out/first day you played it?

Free to discuss yes or no and why. :):)


  • I feel for the most part the game is the same as it was during the beta.

    Poke checks are slightly more forgiving but still need control and positioning.

    Stick lifts have been fixed and cannot be spammed which is the biggest difference with the beta. Actually makes sense now.

    Body checking feels less effective than during the beta, but that is most likely due to players knowing how to protect the puck better (or abuse skating engine. Call it what you will)
  • ExSnake01
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    edited October 2018
    I was a big fan of the players speed in the beta. But I guess enough complained about everyone skating like mcdavid so they took it down a notch. The game is still great but I thought the beta was better and more fun since the game played faster.
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