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EA NHL Sales - End of Hockey Gaming?



  • What is terrible about that camera angle?
  • Seems like the obvious answer would be to expand to another platform.
  • Moxrox84 wrote: »
    The only thing that might wake up EA is competition. Sadly, there is none.

    Nope, here is a competition :)

    If you think that is anything considered “competition” in any sense of the word, you are grossly mistaken.

    You are perfectly entitled to your own opinion as much as anyone else, but don't see why you have to insult the guy. He put a lot of work into his version and it is no way garbage. Seems like you take his game as a personal attack on "your" NHL game.

    I never once 'insulted' anyone.

    Just saying that this "mod" (which is just an over-exaggerated texture pack) for a game that was designed for the Wii is hardly 'competition'.

    EA isn't shaking in their boots over some kid claiming to be "creating this game for PC",

    Well Kory you are wrong again.

    Its not just a texture pack, we found a way to manipulate, change and "fix" the speed and duration of animations, the puck physics and many other things. The gameplay is very different now.

    In fact even that in game broadcast camera view you are looking at the video doesn't exists in the original game. Its all new.

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    Good job on the try guys. Keep the hope alive.
  • Sinbin wrote: »
    WFWR26 wrote: »
    Love hockey...breath, eat, sleep, hockey. The 4 fundamentals of life. With that said, the boys and myself are done with NHL 19. I dont understand why this game has deviated from the beta so much. Its a completely different game after the tuner, and it just isnt enjoyable. Gone are the days of blowing a team out 6-1. Because when you get up by 2-3 goals the other team gets their phantom boost and pucks magically start to fly in your own net. Thanks for getting rid of the skill stick this year too. Its so slow that half the time on penalty shots you deke backhand to forehand to shoot and end up shooting on the back hand because your guy has stonehands and cant get the deke in before you've hit up on the stick. Goalies make ridiculous saves on give and go's...not just one timers. The LW will cross the puck to me, I'll send it back for him to onetime and the goalie stuffs us 99% of the time. Puck pickups seem just as broken as they've been since nhl 15. Hitting is completely trash after the updates. Players dont get punished for bad defensive positioning. I could go on and on. Fact is, I used to love playing NHL and so did my buds, but they've duped us again and its so frustrating.

    This is the kind of stuff that helps kill the game. The myths the community has made up has a lot of people believing in things that just aren't there. You have people believing in catch up logic, ice tilt, stealth changes, etc. In the end, the game has gotten harder and people don't adapt. They get mad because they blow a lead and blame the game when what can happen is their opponent figures out how to counter the strategy they're using and adjust their play. When a real world team is down, they're going to adjust how they play according to what their opponents are doing. In this game though, people just keep doing the same thing over and over again and get mad when it doesn't work. Then, they take to social media to blame catch up logic instead of take accountability. In today's society, many gamers can't handle that they aren't as good as they think they are. Instead of getting better, they blame the game.

    Skill is a very real factor. If you're blaming the game and not being accountable for your skill or lack thereof, you just aren't as good as you think you are.

    Having skill is one thing. When a puck goes through 3 players on a pass and then in the net , how can that be a lack of skill, on the flip side try to make a saucer pass and out of the blue the other player stops the puck out of mid air? A lot of things in this game don't work.
  • Let's be real, EA Sports puts 100x more time and effort and features and modes into their NBA Live and NFL Madden titles than they do for any NHL Games. NHL is an unpopular sport and due to the smaller market they simply do not care enough to make a good game. Just look at Live and Madden and then to the NHL Series. It's clear the sport with the bigger fan base, and deeper wallets gets the more detailed, polished and perfect game. Odd's are the games will continue their dismal annual released with little to no features. And as NHL Fans and this being the only game available, we will be put in a corner and forced to buy it. Outside of the enforcement system added in 15 or 16 there has been no real major changes for the series. EASHL is good, and from it spawned many professional online leagues such as League Gaming and such. However other than that NHL is rather cut and dry. Mundane offline " Be A Pro " with no story or immersion. And plenty of online game modes, and of course the usual microtransaction and HUT cash grabs. That's probably the only reason they will keep making these games. Because there are still enough fools who spend hundreds if not thousands on digital cards to make fantasy hockey teams to game with. Reminds me of the " Shark Cards " in Grand Theft Auto Online. Simply pay to win, microtransactions. Greasy, exploitive crap. And they love to sell it. All this being said, I will probably drop another 59.99 for a roster update with some new animations / commentators next year. I'm such a smart consumer...-_-
  • Thanks for the thorough response, but that doesn’t really address the questions or issues on the skating.

    If I control for build, HUT Mackinnon and my EASHL build now feel awful and have a massively diminished toolkit compared to
    Mackinnon and my EASHL build during the beta. We went from getting something that was closer to simulating the rush and speed of actual skating, back to NHL 15-18 skating akin to controlling an 18-wheeler in GTA V. The change in spread between player ratings has nothing to do with the fact that every build across the board feels significantly worse. Changing the spread between high attribute and low attribute builds- ok fine. Changing the baseline level of agility and responsiveness- no one asked for that.

    Moving up the leaderboards having an impact is pure speculation and again not relevant - the 6v6 community has been the same for years and doesn’t really play ranked games.
  • [quote="VeNOM2099;c-2007305"][quote="BOSTONRANGER_OG;c-2007291"][quote="Tavares2Matthews;c-2007097"]Once Red Dead Redemption is here most of us wont be playing NHL anyways B) [/quote]

    THIS. [/quote]

    Then you're not really an NHL fan. And maybe that's the problem... Maybe EA are trying too hard to cater the game to people that don't really care about the sport, they care about videogames.

    Also, the notion that they're splintering a "small" player base as the reason there's no one playing is a gross misconstruction. Whether you have 2 lobbies with 500 players each or 10 lobbies with 100 players each, it's still 1000 players total.

    Separating the player base into smaller groups just means people can play with like minded players a lot more. Instead of having to hope that you'll find good players in a large pool of randoms, you actually have the chance to find players with mindset and skill level that matches yours.

    I'd rather play in a lobby with the same 20 people in a HARDCORE lobby with FULL SIM settings as long as they're good players, then be put into a random lobby with 10K users who may or may not know what they are doing, as is the case with Drop-ins with the ARCADE settings like it is now.

    You’re by far one of the most asinine posters around here.
  • [quote="sgiz1;c-2007563"]"In the end, the game has gotten harder and people don't adapt. "


    I will concede EA has made it harder to score good goals, but on the flip side EA has made it light years easier to score garbage goals. This was done on purpose to make things harder on the skilled players who try to set up good scoring opportunities while giving the lesser skilled players a way to score and keep up/compete.

    So what we are left with are one sided games in stats but even/toss up on the scoreboard.

    As someone else mentioned earlier, after playing a few games you feel like you've played all day, that is how stressful this game has become to play, especially when you are the one dominating but find yourself time and time again grinding to the last minute to win/lose by 1 goal.

    To summarize, good goals are harder to score and garbage goals are easier to score, this equalizes the playing field and produces closer games, this causes stress and frustration to play.[/quote]

    This is one of the most insightful and correct posts I’ve ever read on this forum.
  • [quote="sgiz1;c-2007573"]"To summarize, good goals are harder to score and garbage goals are easier to score, this equalizes the playing field and produces closer games, this causes stress and frustration to play."

    This yields the results EA was after because good players don't enter the offensive zone with the intent to score a garbage goal, so the good players don't get much benefit from the garbage goal side unless by accident, so the good players fall into EA's trap of cycling, passing, trying to get into the slot, etc. which will result in turnovers, and with the number of shots that miss the net, hit posts, etc. or goalie making highlight reel saves makes good goals harder to score.

    Don't get me wrong, taking high % shots will score more often than garbage goals, and better players will beat bad/avg. players most of the time anyways.

    But the results are in, good goals are harder to score and random chaos garbage goals by lesser skilled players throwing puck on net because of defensive pressure, etc. are finding its way into the net way too much allows them a way to score goals, keep games close, helps them compete.[/quote]

    It’s beyond baffling that posts like this don’t get any likes or “agrees” on this forum.
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