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General thoughts on the problems with HUT

Here is something general to the problems in the HUT mode. EA seems to have no interest in solving the problems I'm curious whether this year will be over 30 or more card series. because only this is EA's interest. Clearly playing with your own favorite stars is great, but it must be at any cost, no. you can only bring EA to change what if no one buys more packs. many here in the forum have no desire, that is understandable in the problems. they are only virtual players, so just spend some money with your family, eat delicious food instead of spending useless money on cards. I hope that EA will then react when it comes to the beloved money. this should not be a bycott, just a thought effect. There are more in life than cards that are supposed to be better at the next pack. spend your money on important items. a game should be fun and fair, but what we have here at the moment has nothing to do with hockey. in this sense, think about it .......


  • HUT is a joke and does not require skill.
  • It is a expensive joke, that is not playable
  • I have read several posts across the web regarding the chel series and HUT and I’m happy to see that I’m not alone in what I’m experiencing. There are countless issues with this game (no game is perfect) but there are some that stand out above others that really affect gameplay and progression. The entire point of HUT in general is to build your team to be the best possible, but this doesn’t seemto matter at all when playing squad battles or rivals. I’ve played this series for several years and consistently play squad battles on superstar difficulty with incredibly rare losses. Once again, a 92 overall rated player isn’t able to skate by a 77 rated? I understand wanting to make the game as competitive as possible but there needs to be some reward for having a much superior player, otherwise what’s the point in boosting your team? How is it possible that I can roll over an 88 overall rated team 10 1, and then next game go into OT tied 2 2 against a 77 overall rated team, both with no activated synergies? The difficulty or competition should be relevant to the team’s rating, not a random post scripted decision on what team will win the game despite the quality of play. You can tell what games are post scripted in the first 10 seconds of every game - ever notice that your 92 rated speed player all of a sudden is moving in what seems like slo-mo? Didn’t you just play a game where he was speeding up and down the ice as he should? The same goes for Rivals when playing other hut users online, some games your players attributes are appropriately signified, and other times they seem non existent. It’s also quite obvious that EA is once again programming parody regardless of the better player, as at least I can see that there is a significant difference in gameplay every other game. This is the issue when you introduce actual money to be paid into buying packs and upgrading your team, if the game didn’t keep you in check and “make” you lose regularly you wouldn’t have a need to invest more money into upgrading. At the end of the day, I understand this is a business and creating a game that is “fair” is literally the very bottom of the priority list. However, for those of us who invest the initial money to play the game, invest the insane amount of time into improving in the game, it’s incredibly disappointing when regardless of your skill, you are essentially being programmed into whatever EA decides at that moment. EA - you can still make your money by offering users the ability to upgrade packs and players, users who spend their own money deserve to be rewarded with better players and thus a greater chance to win, BUT ditch the algorithms and let us players decide the outcome.
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