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Rigged Games?? Online Vs

I’ve been playing NHL from the absolute beginning. Once online vs began I’ve done that exclusively and my biggest issue is losing games to clearly inferior competition that you’ve outplayed every second of the game. Almost 40 shots on goal, more than triple attack zone time, thru two periods and I’m losing 3-0 to a guy who scored 3 goals on 5 shots. The goalie basically kicked one in, another one 5-hole unscreened from the blue line, and the last a weak rebound. His goalie is playing like second coming of Patrick Roy diving everywhere and wide open nets are missed consistently, one timers stop working, my players skate over or past pucks in the slot. I played Mario Cart back in the day and if you were last or close to last you’d pick up that Bullet and it would rocket you to close to the front. It could be me but I feel like over the years it’s happened a little too often and makes games a GRIND. Is it possible that skill gaps are filled and games are rigged to be more competitive??


  • Yes- this has happens in every nhl game made for as long as I can remember. A perfect example is the games CPU not allowing you to clear pucks on the PK- I will
    Hold down RB for 5 seconds, try to flip the puck out (normally it goes so far down the ice it often goes out of play) but during right games at the end of the he game only allows the puck to come off the ice about 1-2ft right to an opposing player standing on the blue line. I’ve also gone several minutes where I a completely unable to perform a poke check, pressing RB will not trigger any animation
  • I'm just not a huge fan of these lopsided games. It's usually always one goalie that's half-awake and the other one plays like an actual professional. Would like to see more games with great goaltending on both ends.
  • @DetFrankShark you can see this topic come up in a majority of the posts on this forum. Go check out the thread of my last post titled "everything wrong with this game in one picture". Dont worry though, without video proof of everyone of your shot attempts, youre probably just throwing pucks on net from the halfwall....
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