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Nhl 19 legends

Came across these pictures, if only nhl would give us what they promised 😡😡 it’s only been close to 2 months,...ibwatvyl05jo.jpeg


  • It was a scam just to get people to buy the game. Grind in hut and pay for packs. By the end of the season you will prolly get a 90 overall legend! Lol
  • Almost got me, it was going to be the reason i bought the game. I did research before i pre ordered it though. Some people were saying they were, but no official statement from an EA rep. the night before the EA access release of NHL 19 they finally said they weren't in there, after 8 weeks of promoting them on their original NHL teams and so on. Pretty sly if you ask me.
  • This issue shows that any promotion this group announces is not worth anything and they have shown they can not be trusted. very sad company policy!! unfortunately for them the bottom line in the future will be victim.
  • I hope in the future people bombard all public forums/ places where a review can be given and ruins ea’s reputation. They deserve to get all the negative publicity they can possibly get going further. Defiantly not buying any more of the games going forward, use to buy madden and nhl every year. Enough is enough...
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