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All I see is how good nba 2k is, isn’t it time for someone to put some pressure on ea? What would up it take for 2k to get back into the hockey market? Would love to see some competition!


  • Jeff14erin wrote: »
    All I see is how good nba 2k is

    You must not be reading a whole lot of stuff then. There’s no shortage of entitled, angry, and disgruntled gamers no matter where you go.
  • The lag in my park is pretty terrible this year, as well as the microtransactions made the mode pretty much pay to win. Basketball has fallen off bad the last few years.
  • Axel_Owretchsin
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    People can talk about microtransactions, and other things about 2K all they want, but the fact is 2K and Sony Interactive actually have skilled devs and care about the sports titles. EA can't even put together a responsive menu, let alone a sports title. They don't even rush to patch in a huge mistake they made on something that should have been featured for us out of the box.

    Competition please.
  • Sadly you won't ever see 2K Sports make an NHL game, not in our lifetime anyway. Even their mobile NHL 2K title (which was a glorified card collection/battle game) kicked the bucket earlier this year, so that's that.

    As for NBA 2K, it's always been bad online. But the offline portion is where it's at. There is no better looking, better sounding and DEFINITELY no better playing sports game out there, period.
  • Those kind of post are getting old and not constructive.
  • Froommey
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