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Lets talk haircuts and head gear

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Ok. So I figured out how to play in EASHL without a headgear. Specifically casual play.

But, some hair cuts get messed up when taking off headgear. I couldn’t wait to unlock the Legendary mullet. But when I take my headgear off, it’s like I’ve got hat hair. You can’t see the glorious mane of hair, proudly set on my head.

What a waste. Why have these badass haircuts without letting us show them off?

Also, taking off headgear is a pain. It’s like they give you the option, but don’t want you to do it. It’s always unavailable unless you know what hoops to jump thru.

Just one more little frustration with an all around fun game. Come on EA!


  • Freeze60Occ
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    Who cares about haircuts with so many issues they aren't listening to the community

    [Socair - edited for profanity
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  • How do you actually get no headgear? I’ve tried putting on any helmet with cage, save, go back in, add visor, save. Still doesn’t work...
  • mightymidget414
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    I think you should be able to change the length of your haircut like you can with beards. It is hard to find the right hairstyle, sometimes it looks good but it's too long or too short, so if you could change the length of any haircut you could get a pretty close to perfect fit.
    This is a little off topic but you should also be able to change your skin color, because I often find a good face but its too light or too dark so being able to change skin colors would be nice.
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