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Frustrating CPU

Yeah, so playing HUT challanges against the CPU is getting beyond frustrating. They're meant to be challenges and to get increasingly harder - yes - but is this really the only way EA can do it? The CPU players can poke and hook without penalties, they can stop almost every shot you try from the blueline, they can skate as fast as any of your guys (in reverse as well) etc. The list goes on and on. Here's a couple of examples, all these are at pro level:

In the first clip, the CPU player is doing the usual annoying skating in spoon position, and then niftly manages two stick lifts which suspiciously look like hooking and the puck is dislodged. Business as usual.

In the second I seem to have the time as space to slap shot, but what a surprise, the CPU manages to block the shot so it hits his stick squarely - *does not* deflect or bounce or anything, but drops perfectly in his feet. Great! If I had a penny for every blocked shot the CPU manages, I'd be 30k millionaire.

The third is really a repetition of the first, with the annoying intimate skating which escalates into nice spearing action, I mean he ran Aho clear through?! := And the ref is just watching this travesty a couple of feet away.

This fourth one is really precious, it's a collection of silliness. The first poke by the CPU, why doesn't it cause a tripping, since he clearly swipes the puck away and then hits my guy's skates? This would be 100% penalty for a human. The along comes CPU no. 26 and niftly takes posession of the puck, doing a move that looks a little dicy. That reaching over to your right looks anatomically painful if not impossible? Then my guy, still under CPU control comes and slashes the other guy, with the resulting 'ow my face' animation - BUT doesnt' get a penalty! Apparently because it was the CPU doing that? Moving on, that slasher guy, now under my control, tries in vain to reach over to get the puck... excuse me but isn't that the same situation and move that the CPU did just a second ago without problems? But my guy just fumbles around with one hand, achieving nothing. Oh well, better luck next time, eh?

This type of play makes me really infuriated. I am sure most you have encountered similar situations, and they happen in every game without fail. The CPU is a *big cheat*. I don't want to even look at the HUT challenges anymore. I hope that other single player modes aren't that bad? This happens because the game difficulty becomes the deciding factor, and your skills and the player stats mean less and less. There might be additional hut challange spice who knows? But it's just disgusting.

As a final comic relief, this happened yet in another HUT challange, my HUT Alumni missed a perfect opportunity:

Granted, his stick seems to move through the post, and maybe that is why it moves through the puck as well? :#


  • dustmann
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    edited October 2018
    I have exactly the same problem as you.
    But EA Sports is not interested in it.
    That with the CPU penalties, should, according to opinion of an EA support coworker in NHL 20 be solved.
    Is the same problem as with the achievements of the players. A Stamkos 85 is worse than a WHL player, even the mindset of the players is questionable, but maybe it is a figurehead of the programmer.

    How long will you give NHL19 - 6 weeks?
    But the bug for penalties can not be fixed yet, but how many new beautiful special bags to bring on the market, the EA Sports.
  • They made attributes matter now. I recommend getting players with higher puck protection.

    And I think you need to press the x button. It helps shield the puck. It's in there for a reason. Probably should use it.
  • The "protect the puck" feature is 100% useless, Im not even sure why EA gives that option. Apparently though if you hold your stick out left or right the entire game, while somehow managing to make perfect passes in all directions, you become invincible and can't be knocked off the puck.
  • Sgt_Kelso
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    edited October 2018
    They made attributes matter now. I recommend getting players with higher puck protection.

    And I think you need to press the x button. It helps shield the puck. It's in there for a reason. Probably should use it.

    Sorry but in HUT challenges (pro upwards) attributes are close to meaningless in this regard. Besides, it shouldnt matter what I do in these situations when the CPU should get a penalty, if the rules applied to it like they do to humans.

    Protecting the puck is not very good this year imho, it was far more functional in 18, and against CPU players (like in BaP) it has close to zero effect. And you can't skate while using it... I think holding the puck to your offhand side is far better option, but again YOU CANT SKATE. And with the CPU glued to you AS*, you need to get away from it. But you cant, because the CPU reads your input, is faster than you, and then hooks you without penalty.

    I think it's particularily stupid to allow the CPU to do these things this year, when human players need to be extra careful with pokes and stick-lifts.
  • My team has a rating of 90 and should normally be good against a CPU pro, but I'm losing games against 72-level teams to professional level and that sucks
  • I feel at times the Ai can steal games. What I mean by that is sometimes we play teams who just cherry pick and have their Ai play defense just for the Ai to send outright insane breakout passes.

    Worst offenders of this are players who play wing and defense in three just for the Ai to take face offs and never play defense. Just have the Ai who is their center do it for them.
  • Sgt_Kelso
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    edited October 2018
    Just to emphasise that I am complaining about the CPU in single player HUT challenges, and possibly other single-player modes, where difficulty setting affects the game play (pro or higher).

    I haven't really played enough HUT (or versus) against humans to say anything about CPU in them.
  • If ea changes anything on the AI it should be giving them human reaction timing ... Then go from there, the biggest issue with the AI , is the fact they can't be fooled , and can react as fast or faster than we hit buttons , which also allows them to track pucks better
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