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Retired jersey numbers

Why oh why is it not possible to turn retired jersey numbers off? After a 5 year hiatus I finally decided to buy an NHL game again this year and my purpose was to create classic rosters, something I've wanted to do for a long time.

So I buy the game, create around 60 historic players and the other day when I started assigning them to teams and assign their jersey numbers I realize that most legends can't have their actual number because they have been retired. I look around in settings but there is no option anywhere to turn it off. So no number 66 for Mario and no 99 for Gretzky. Absolutely unthinkable. It sucks but I figure there is a way around it. I use the create a team feature to re-create all the teams that have important player numbers retired, which turns out to be kind of fun, so I don't actually mind after all. When I'm done I start a season and I think everything is fine until I face the La Kings only to see that Gretzky is wearing number 95, even though I gave him 99 in the roster edit section.

Of course, no. 99 is retired by the whole NHL, even in season mode for custom teams and there is no way at all to turn it off. The only mode that have the option is franchise mode, where I can do it only for my own team.

Things like this just completely kills it for me. Please fix this EA. From what I've read this option was available for season mode in NHL 18, along with edit player, which you also for some reason removed this year.

So incredibly frustrating.


  • Don’t worry you can just use the legends they created for all of us to use, i am guessing most players with their numbers retired are in the “200 legends” they advertised
  • Yeah IF they make those legends available for offline modes it wouldn't surprise me if they still can't have their actual number.
  • I suppose I could put Gretzky on my team, start a franchise mode, turn retired jersey numbers off, give him 99 and then immediately trade him to the created Kings or Oilers. My prefered mode would definately be season mode though, and to control all teams, but having Gretzky play in no. 95 is something I just can't accept.

    But I suppose franchise could also be fun for now and maybe, hopefully, they will fix this in the meantime.

  • I feel pretty silly now. It turns out the option is in the game even for season mode. It's in the settings before you start, just not inside the season mode hub settings. Don't know how I missed it before. Anyway, this thread can be closed or whatever. Looking forward to many hours of fun!
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