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wow... EA take note from a professional game studio


  • Kuus2
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    Please, do not. I would rather them not drum up preorders by saying they want to work on the game with players with B.E.T.A (Their main message still), and have that instead turn out to be a 2-3 week early access.

    Completely unrelated to NHL19 btw
  • Well ya see this game company takes Years to make their games, and only comes out with 2-3 yearly, while EA makes multiple yearly games. So unless you want only an NHL 20, 23, 26 and so on, I think you should expect somewhat of a rushed game. Also, this is a completely different style of game that they make. They make open world survival games, not sports games. You can't really create your own story for a sports game... it's a game about the sport that already exists. Yes they may have better community response, but that's because their workers only have these games to worry about. EA Sports makes multiple games at once, so they can't just focus on one game and forget about the others.
  • This isn’t about the style of game, content or even how often this company makes this game. The effort in which it took for this Large company to recognize and relate to its players and fan base and let them know a plan of action is to me, more than i could ask. Accountability is extremely important for business professionals.
  • Dixonyu
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    Said it before and I'll say it again ... Ea has the biggest blunder in the history of video game blunders, with Knights of the old Republic, they destroyed an award winning series. They did the usual from one extreme to another, over reacting to player requests , not even properly doing so ... They lost 100 million dollars of revenue a month... No one was fired , or left the company , just another oopsy , we are ea we will make up for it by adding more pay to win content , like the ridiculousness that is Dragon age Inquisition online ...

    And yes I love throwing a 1.2 billion dollar a year mistake back into eas face, and I also miss star wars Knights of the old Republic as well ... Thanks for ruining that EA

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  • Bethesda and especially Fallout have pretty sloppy graphics. Mostly in character models. If you look closely, you can see NPC's always have one shoulder higher than the other. They are crooked.

    Same for their Obliveon series. Same engine, same models.

    No company is perfect as they each have their own issues.
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