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Dear admins and programmers
I try only through the posts that EA understands the problems that the users have with the game.
I just want to be able to play a fair game without the game play interfere with the performance of the players and the gameplay.

If the same problems occur when a player has the value of 85, then this should also play, whether level amateur, semi-professional, professional, All Star or Super Star-the player is always the same, no matter what level.

And according to German Support, the CPU players are made many times stronger than the player cards are, let alone even better than the Human Player.

The rules of conduct of EA Sports include:


I play ice hockey NHL 11
and it's a nice game, but it should be fair

I hope EA Sports dadrauff remember what good old ice hockey is and was
I'm not a good player, but I always do my best

Kind regards
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