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NHL 19 PATCH 1.3.0 - OCTOBER 26th @ 2 AM PDT


  • Hi. First time posting here. First of all thanks for continuing on making the game better. I would like to point out that many of the Finnish Liiga teams have outdated uniforms. As a Finnish guy this bugs me. Would love to see this years uniforms for every team. With or without sponsors. Thanks guys. Keep up the good work!
  • “Dressing Room Error” cmon guys the geek squad at Best Buy could of figured out the problem by now. At this point it’s actually pretty funny
  • Can't locate any added alternate jerseys for nhl teams. Can anyone help. Is it just chel?
  • We were expecting to play with legends in franchise and season mode. Still not available in player and roster moves. Not cool at all. We paid a lot of money for these guys to be available on our favorite. 200 legends and there are still only 84 to 85 legends in this game offline. Not all of us play in ultimate team. And I don't want to play in ultimate team. Nor do I want to spend time looking up and recreating legends when they have been advertised to be played in offline modes. I have never recreated legends at all before. It's way too time consuming. Put the legends in as we were promised we would get them in other modes than the ultimate team. I don't care for ultimate team at all and have never played it nor do I have any desire of playing it. We want what was advertised. Put them in the game please.
  • Can't locate any added alternate jerseys for nhl teams. Can anyone help. Is it just chel?

    Noticed only Washington from there announcement. Guess others was in the game before. What I know for sure that the new Winnipeg is not at the game as they anounced.
  • EA needs to stop focusing on some little things and focus on what we are complaining about. It makes no sense to me at all if you focus all of your time on advertising the new skating and legends when the only thing that is produced is one half of what is being advertised. No sense what so ever. Yes it's nice to fix little things. But the big things need to be focused on asap. If you show gameplay of Gretzky holding the Stanley Cup you need to allow us to put Gretzky and the rest of the 270 plus players on the teams we want to move them to. Yes folks I checked the list and counted them. If we have legends in this game and you say on your website you can put them with today's players then why is it that they can't be made available. I'm sure you guys are working on it. But guess what, time to get it moving people. Again we paid a lot of money for this game for the legends. I'd like to play with them now. If MLB the show can figure this out then it really shouldn't be too difficult. I'm rooting for you guys and I know you're doing your best to get this in. But if it takes until the playoffs this season then to be honest there really isn't any point of putting these legends in offline period. Please work harder and faster.

    November is very close. If we can get them in the beginning of the month then everyone is happy. If we get it before Christmas then everyone is happy.
  • After a few games nothing negative to say of the patch. Woow! Of course there are still things that should to be fixed, but hey, this was a very good update. A step forward for a change. Thanks. Especially the market UX improvements (or restorations) and multiselect in sets are a big relief. And showing the cards when goal is scored was a nice bonus. Two thumbs up.
  • Good to see they updated the other Center ice surfaces for the other teams, but they missed the Ottawa Senators.
  • I can't access the new uniforms, are they attached to a roster update that has yet to be released?
  • This may be a stupid question, but is there anyway EA can change/fix the jersey number fonts on the Sabres and Lightning?...It's seems like they're wearing each others.
  • DarkAnakin93
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    Your doing little tweks here and there and they are cool. But you haven't addressed the biggest issue which is the over powered AI and the constant penalties. Its a JOKE. You want to ise less poke checking so we do the stick lift and HERE YA GO A SLASHING CALL. FIX YOUR GAME. I spent good money on this game amd its to the point where its not even fun to play anymore. PLEASE FIX THIS
  • CLX90 wrote: »
    Still no new goalie equipment? :(

    New CCM Extreme Flex 4 Pro are in the game now.
  • xKnight70 wrote: »
    Can You Bring the new CCM equipment in please and Bring back winter classic :(

    New CCM Extreme Flex 4 Pro are in the game now.
  • To get all the new Alternate jerseys you have to download the latest roster update labeled October 26.
  • YZ19
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    Auction house is better
    Captain and A cards are nice
    Cpu penalties is good
    you forgot position lock in hut vs cpu
    Pretty sure when people said Bring Back Cap and A Cards they would have liked the plus 2 and Plus 1 like in previous years
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  • Ty_Hors wrote: »
    NHL 19 PATCH 1.3.0 - OCTOBER 26th @ 2 AM PDT
    We are still investigating into what is causing Dressing Room errors for EASHL. We are still working on it and are trying find out what the exact cause is in order to solve it. We appreciate your patience as we work to address the issue.

    What a joke.
  • EA, by now you should know how disappointed I am with this year's game! I was expecting HUGE things like custom jerseys, more customization options, and better access to unveiled jerseys like you have sworn to your most avid fans in your survey. What I got...modes for online and online only, and I am still having to abandon my custom rosters which I have spent a week working on to get the alternate jerseys. Why don't you just give us a code to unlock them like you did before this jump to PS4/XB1? I am disgusted!
  • Thanks EA for the patch. Good to see you guys keep on working on improvements.
    However, Champions hockey league game plan seems still to be messed up. Groups are correct, but game opponents are still wrong. Please fix. You have official bug report. Champions hockey league may not be important for US and Canucks, but for me and other Europeans it is a nice club tournament mode which is worth to be correct. Imagine game plan for NHL season is incorrect......would barely be acceptable. My hope for a fix is still alive.
  • Axel_Owretchsin
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    • Still no Legends
    • Debrincat a C
    • Colors in create-a-team seating (the back seat not same as lower seat color when they should be identical if using same color) are still completely bugged (some are even completely different, like deep brown to canary)
    • They've taken Doctor Meridian
    • Master Grayson has run away
    • The cave has been destroyed
    • and there's another riddle
  • November his only a week or 2 away. Hopefully by that time we will finally have the legends we have been waiting for. We've been itching to get our hands on our favorite legends of this list and been wanting to put them on the teams we want. EA please double down on this issue and quickly. We want to win the Stanley cup with Gretzky on our squad.
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