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NHL 19 PATCH 1.3.0 - OCTOBER 26th @ 2 AM PDT


  • So you make the AI even more useless, brilliant DEVs, you drop the skill gap again to please the newbs to try and sell more NHL because it is dying. You dont add to the trainer to teach the newbs that they can't play as if they were in be a pro. So now in online when two teams match up in the EA drop in more like drop out mode, the players in game are left with a useless **** AI in a spot. Then the players that have skill, have practiced and put time in the 1v1 with goalie trainer are left with a clear lane to the net to pick their spot and glitch over and over. How do you have jobs making these calls to dumb down the game for the whiny crowd with no skill. These are the players that take the puck straight at the AI, they dont go wide, they dont curl back, they dont pass, and they wonder why the AI puts them on their back after a shot or take the puck from the scrubs that know nothing about body position and how to protect the puck. I know believe you are slowly killing drop in, so that you can get more HUT card money from these obsessed pay to win suckers. How do you DEVs not see that you are sucking the life out of this game? Give hut what they want, they pay a ton of money just to get a competitive roster. You promote the scummy youtubbers to open packs and get those sicker out there believing they too can open 20 packs and get everything they need, only to find themselves buying another 20 still looking to boost the roster. Fine that's their business and money. I payed for OTP with competitive games, only I can't get anything but quitters and idiots. Club is awesome if you get on a serious one, drop in I know can't be perfect, but WTH? You just make the worst players in the game worse. There are so many easy adjustments or fixes to bring back the days of big lobbies and games going to OT. I can't even handle it if someone quits anymore. I would not tell me friends to pay the scummy scum game.
  • Ersa_02
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    Could you please ad the first Bauer Re-akt helmet to the game? It’s the second most popular helmet in the NHL and I can’t see a reason for it not being in the game.
  • Canuckftc
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    Please just revert the game to the day 1 tuner... Like honestly I've had no fun at ALL since the early October tuners. Was playing franchise mode the other day (EASHL and HUT are just boring now with the gameplay changes, I only really ever play 6s for my LG games now) and decided to stop simming and step into a game. I switched the tuners to 1.00 and had more fun playing against cpu's with the 1.00 tuner than I've had playing competitive 6s and comp seasons in HUT in the last month which is just sad. I'll go point by point on issues with how the game is now to make this easier:

    - Skating isn't balanced, its definitely better than the atrocity you guys turned it into with the 2nd or 3rd tuner, but still isn't nearly as good as it was on release. Speed and acceleration was very balanced before, and now they are totally unbalanced. The pivots were perfect, the pivoting/turning & L2 was an offensive weapon in itself that took skill to master, was really fun, now its just people holding hustle and speeding down the wing, sort of like 18. The skating took the best aspects of the pre nhl 13 and post nhl 13 skating and combined it sort of, thats how I felt anyway

    - Bumps are just dumb now, I liked the idea of the recent tuner at first cause there definitely were a lot of cases where you were getting bumped off way too easily, but now we've come to another extreme where bumping is impossible. Before I continue I'd like to mention this is coming from a player who out TOA's opponents pretty much every game and thrives off this. Like I mentioned, with the way the pivots were before, you could use your body to protect the puck and control the offensive zone by knowing which angles to face your guy and the puck, it was balanced and took skill/hockey knowledge; If you've ever watched the Sedins, its sort of an equivalent of how they would control the puck on the boards using their body positioning. Now its just people holding the skill stick to the outside on the forehand and never getting bumped off even when standing still - this takes no skill at all, please fix.

    - Pokes: I'm sorry but the pokes right now are horrible, you guys should've left it at where it was on release and make some small adjustments to prevent certain tripping calls that were unwarranted. Something I noticed when playing on the old tuner was how controlled the pokes were, If I was in a good position to poke and I poked, it would knock the puck off, simple. Now its like half the time I'll be using the defensive skill stick to try and cut off an angle, but for some reason it'll redirect my stick into the other guy's feet and I'll get a trip, or if I'm beside someone and have a clear angle to poke a puck my guy will poke behind into a guy's feet. The pokes before like I said were controlled and had a sort of leash on them, now it looks similar to NHL 16 where you're just flailing your stick around loosely in any random direction whenever you go for a poke. Another HUGE issue I have is how I'll poke and you'll see it touch the puck. but the puck will maybe bobble a tiny bit but the other player will still have possession; like I mentioned earlier, with the way it was before, make a good poke you're rewarded, make a bad poke at someone's feet its a penalty. Simple.

    - There's other stuff too like the game going back to a bounce fest full of randomness and constantly only going for low shot rebounds and tips as a primary offensive tool over actually making good plays. These things are a part of hockey, but especially in a video game where it doesn't take nearly as much skill as it does in real life, shouldn't be this effective. This is what 6s gameplay has turned into and its sad.

    - Speaking of rebounds thought I'd mention how goalies let out the biggest rebounds on the weakest shots (hence why its such an effective mean of offense in both HUT and EASHL). Rebounds that are easy covers in real life are giving people free goals, please fix this, it's been a problem for a few years now and is worse than ever.

    - This is aside from gameplay, but just thought I'd mention it since I've resorted to playing Franchise Mode lately. A huge issue with the mode is the Free Agency period, there is literally a page full of first line players and guaranteed 3 or 4 superstars every Free Agency, In fact one free agency was so stacked with players Mitch Marner never got signed by anyone and was in FA for 2 years before I caved and gave him a contract (he was 27 years old and had 80 something points his last season) Anyways I think you guys did a fantastic job when it comes to the scouting and growing prospects part of the mode, but the way free agency is now sort of ruins the fun of drafting and growing your own players since you can fill all your needs in FA.

    - One last thing about franchise, I like the change you made last year in making it possible to find steals late, but I feel like these steals are way too common. If we're being real here how often are you actually finding top line talent in the 5th or 6th round year after year? It happens for sure, but especially in this era its very rare. I will say though a lot of the time the medium or low elite guys you find are super low overall and are way harder to grow so a lot of the time though they have the upside they don't necessarily grow into elite players, which I think is cool. Still though I think you guys need to tone it down when it comes to finding late round steals.

    Anyways sorry if that was long, it looks like you guys are listening to community feedback so thought it would be worth it to go all out here in hopes it makes some sort of difference, I really want to play a hockey game, but with the current state of the game its very hard to enjoy.

    Like I said I think the best option right now is to just switch it back to the 1.00 tuners and work from there, the original game was very fun and was a very good base to build from, re-brand it as tuner 1.4 if you need, just go back to the game you had.

    I think the main issue is you guys don't seem to know what feedback to listen to, if that makes sense. Need to know who to listen to and tell the difference between good criticism from people who know the game (the entire competitive LG community loved the game), compared to people just complaining cause they are struggling with new changes. With the game changing many core mechanics like 19 did at the start, you guys needed to give a lot more time to let people adjust before listening to criticism and making changes, or at least take your critiques from the competitive side.
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  • Ersa_02 wrote: »
    Could you please ad the first Bauer Re-akt helmet to the game? It’s the second most popular helmet in the NHL and I can’t see a reason for it not being in the game.

    What about adding old equipment period. The old CCM helmets from the 80s and 90s were just as popular as the jofa
  • Please let us know what is going on with offline legends. We want to start adding them to our favorite teams. Have it ready by next patch.
  • The new alternates are not working in offline modes, but work in modes like THREES
  • Also anyone who finds it to easy to play, I've found if you put your camera on true broadcast then it actually feels competitive. Try it, you might find it challenging.
  • Froommey wrote: »
    The only Alternate new Jersey I found is from the Caps. Other are old and was in the game before. New Alternate Winnipeg is not in the game. Many others like usual are missing.

    Try updating your roster, that worked for me.
  • Can't locate any added alternate jerseys for nhl teams. Can anyone help. Is it just chel?

    Try updating your roster, that worked for me.
  • It's garbage. Puck picks are the worst since beta. Passing is a game of roulette. Player switching is just as random(no one has time to use the new method when you need a quick switch). Pokechecking is still the only defensive mechanic that works. Pokecheck blocking passes shots or anything is 100% effective in every situation. Hitting has all but been removed, just hold the puck away from the defender means your invincible. Basically defence has been reduced to pokechecking or nothing. I don't know how you keep pushing out these tuners and think it's quality. On other forums their is daily posts of players quitting because the game isn't fun anymore. Every tuner you run more players from the already thin player pool. Sounds like a great buisness plan.
  • Can anyone tell me when the November patch is? I'm sure much like me you guys want to have those 200 legends and alumni in offline. You guys tired of waiting? I am.
  • EA we need to have an update on the legends in offline. Please stop focusing on the ultimate team stuff and just help us out by letting us know what is going on with the legends in offline. We were all told we would be able to play with them in more than one mode. So far it's two. And to be honest it really dosent do it for me and I'm sure and I've seen it dosent really do it for the other players who were expecting to start moving them on their favorite teams. 2 is more than one but we were told several modes. That's more than two. Please have them ready to be used in roster management/player moves in offline by this months patch. It's now November.
  • mIREC666
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    C’mon EA...do something with 3v3 strategy.
    Bot is everywhere, permanent aggresive strategy?! Are you serious?!

    [Socair - edited for profanity]
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  • Bruins2208 wrote: »
    Why do t they just come out and say they loved to us and legends won’t be available offline!!! Instead of dragging people along, they should just say it one way or the other

    I don't think they would have advertised their offline ratings if they weren't gonna have them availible for offline play.
  • There is something wrong with the AI in franchise mode , often ( always) low scores , AI don't score a lot, even with big teams, or may be our goalies are too strong, i don't know...
  • Bruins2208 wrote: »
    Why do t they just come out and say they loved to us and legends won’t be available offline!!! Instead of dragging people along, they should just say it one way or the other

    I don't blame you, I sure they're working on it. But I agree that they should at least give us the curtesy of letting us know what's going on and when they'll be ready for offline. I'm just itching to put guys on other teams, not just my favorite one.

  • Again guys. Please have the legends by next patch. We're itching to play with them and move them to our teams.
  • Short side snipe goals are killing online play, in previous tuners you managed to subdue this, please revert thanks
  • Ok guy, are we getting offline legends, the entire 275 plus list of players by Black Friday? What's the deal? There haven't been a notification on the next patch yet and it's almost thanksgiving. Or are we going to have it by December? If we have to wait till of the end of the NHL season this year then the advertisement for legends was a waste and was also false.
  • One other thing to add. Sometimes in a real game the hits are thrown so hard that the person throwing them go down. They fall down and get right back up right after throwing the hits. I think that should be considered. It would make the game even more realistic.

    And again please give us an update on whether we will get the November patch this week. And please give us something on offline legends. Please. I'm itching to move guys around.
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