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New players and below average players got screwed

First off I'm not a good player or long time player. I'm a new player who's below average and now can't play this game. The tuners keep getting released to satisfy the top players while leaving us behind. Defence is impossible as our pokecheck result in a penalty 90% of the time and stick lifts are the same. Hitting is impossible too as it doesn't work at all, a player just holds the puck away from the hit and he becomes a rock and my player just kinda runs into him to not effect. Offence, now this show be fun, sadly it's not it's a poke fest not matter the situation. Breakaway too pokes from behind nice!. Switch player is now roulette because you sswitched it to satisfy the elite and good players while mine are now costly out of position and never know who I'm getting. No I'm not skilled enough for the new method as I'm still learning other things.

Lastly I know you guys will say get good lol, well I would love too I can't I play online seasons and in division 10 but being constantly matched up with guys 2 to 3 or more divisions higher. I'm forced to defend all game and when I get the puck it's poked away even passes are poked shots yup poked away. It's ridiculous I just want to play a good game and enjoy it but can't. I'm not trying to be the best or go to division 1 just have fun. Losing 10 to 0 is not fun especially to far better players. 1 in 10 games I enjoy it. Before the last tuner I was good enough to at least keep it close.

Lastly I've done training camp ECT. And the game play is entirely different then online. Actually it's kinda useless because it's so different. Please think of us little guys in the game and make it fun again, because that's what a game is supposed to be fun!!


  • As somebody who considers himself a good player, it works both ways. All of the stupid things you mention annoy the good players as well. Sometimes we'll face complete rookie's who skate right unto my defense and somehow end up with the puck through my player.

    But you are right in the fact that experienced players get a boost because their weak selfish play gets rewarded. They know how to abuse the lack of hitting in this game, so they constantly skate into defense with the puck protected so it's definitely cheap in that aspect.

    But yeah, it's a mixed bag. I can see why you'd be upset about it for sure.

    It certainly isn't rewarding high hockey iq that's for sure.
  • I´m new to NHL online and HUT this year as well - did the CS qualifiers yesterday with 2L 1OTW.
    Decided to play one more and got matched up with a player, who, not only had a quite good team but also played pretty well.
    It was obvious that I didn´t have a chance but it was still fun in the 1st period - in the 2nd though he started to skate backwards / protect the puck.
    He was more or less untouchable for me - checks didnt work at all and don´t you dare to try a poke or stick lift.

    Was behind 0:7 and got hammered - still wanted to finish the game but had a power outage -.-

    I got my team only from doing challenges and stuff and didn´t buy any packs yet - I would consider it pretty decent with room for improvement (88 OVR).
    Sometimes though I have the feeling as if my team was in kindergarden trying to skate and play hockey for the first time in their lifes.
    Missing simple puck pickups, loosing the puck at the slightes touch, skate out of position, skate into offside, messing up the simplest passes etc. etc. ...

    Some online games are quite fun and good while others .. well, in others I´ve no idea what´s going on because nothing seems to work for my team and everything gets messed up.

    Still having fun most of the time though.
  • I think skill gaps in this game are huge. If you come across a better player, they will dominate you. Number of those players get smaller as you improve.

    However, I do not think the game should be designed to close in those gaps. It would effectively mean you prevent a playstyle or create some master move everyone can use effectively in most situations.

    I am the style of player who one would call ”role player” in Rust for example. I like a fun game of hockey, not so much about abusing all the mechanics in the game to churn out goals.
  • Thanks for the replies guys. I'm not looking to close the skill gap as I realize anything done will not do it. But hoodhoppers hit the nail on the head the good players are EXPLOITING obvious glitches bad programming or just bone head game mechanics. Having a hit lined up and ready to hit the other player and maybe get the puck, my player just kinda runs into him and stops with no hit. The other player just moved the puck to the bar left or right with his stick creating some weird shield. Makes no sense at all.

    I see the developers respond to some posts, so I would love to hear their reasoning for this. Probably will not as it's just 💩 game mechanics. I now lose 15 - 0 instead of 5 or 6 nothing. Thanks devs.
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