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I need to speak up EA!

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I need to try and be constructive here and I hope I am not stepping over boundries,but I might have too.
EA,you have failed to do the most logical simple thing here..ROLL the game back to BETA stage! Let's do this over. The community has been asking you to do this and you have sent out useless tuners..one that I know of is in H.U.T your goal scorers card now pops up! how useful is that really?. Come on!.

CORE GAMEPLAY" According to the community,the simple machanics of the game are way off!. Back are the coding of past games. There is no need to do anything but realistic hockey..stop the 15' long poke checks and poke checking while facing the wrong way.

Somone else said it in another post...they used the Beta to LURE you in.
Hey..I have not played this years game..I only had NHL 15 experience on this generation. I have never played a EA game that has been near perfect a week after release. That is why I stopped and stuck to a game that will keep me happy enough to play a few online games a night.

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  • You haven't palyed the game you're criticizing.

    Would it make sense to you if I said I didn't read a word of your post but I know it's batty?
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    You havent played NHL 16-19.

    If you want to be taken seriously get a next gen console, play NHL 19 and tell us how YOU feel instead of echoing the sentiments of disgruntled players.
  • This is totally constructive.
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