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Does anyone have any tips or suggestions when it comes to scouting and uncovering player overalls and stats? I can’t seem to get the hang of it. Also this might be me, but I feel like the season sim is still unrealistic. I believe a team that has has a team rating of 92/93/90 for offense, defense, and goaltending respectively, should have a winning record instead of missing the playoffs. What do you guys think?


  • Try changing your strategies, sometimes the game defaults offensive pressure to "defend lead" which will ultimately affect your teams' ability to score goals because they are far less aggressive. On the other side of that coin is if you are playing an all-out attack style you may be leaving your goalie hung out to dry. I personally use somewhere in the middle for both offensive and defensive players.

    As far as scouting goes I have it set to auto so if you are doing it manually I can't really help you. However, I do recommend that you make sure you have scouts in all parts of the world, IE US, Canada, etc. so that you can have as many scouting reports as possible. The quality of the scouts may also be affecting how good your scouting reports are.

    If you can offer more substance to the question I may be able to provide more in-depth tips.
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