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HUT Online Saison

I played a game today.
In the first third I led 1: 0, it was thought that is good today. My players were fast and swift

All players have speed 89-92
Synergy S + BU + DW activated.

From the 2nd Third the sobering.
Sorely, the enemy players were all faster and nimble, passes did not arrive at all, the reaction time was bad.
The keeper did not hold anything anymore.

I lost the game 1-7, thanks to the momentum of EA Sports.

The opponent had players with a total strength that scores 75-80

Thank you EA Sports for a fair game

As it is already on the Internet, you let the weaker teams win, so you do not lose the pleasure of playing and buy lots of luggage.


  • dustmann
    174 posts Member
    edited November 2018
    both keeper have 87
    and they are controlled by the gameplay.
    If you already have such expensive keeper, you should keep it that way and not, as it was wanted by GamePlay (EA Sports)
  • Hello

    Can someone tell me why the Bronze and Silver players are faster than my Gold Players83-85 ????

    Opponent: Finn
    Me: Germany Team: Ang: 90 Ver: 90 Goal: 90 Synegie S + BU + DW
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