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Please Delete
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  • Tried to add you but it said your settings wouldn't allow it. You can add me, Marleyzonroids.

    I've played on top teams as a LD in the past so I should be able to hang with you guys. I'm on the east coast and should fit in with you guys (have mic), I'm 30 something with a wife and 1 yr old, but I play as much as I can.
  • Hey man, Just saw this, gonna send you a PSN msg.
  • Reash
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    Cant ad you on Psn. I play Most D and played nhl many year

    Psn:name reash74
  • muelledg
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    I'd really like to play with some over 30 players who play a structured game like that. I play D. I'm level 43 with a CR around 575 just so you know. PSN name: PJTwenty5
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