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So much wrong on one play

This game has become one big exercise in frustration....

Here's the scenario:

There's a loose puck in the corner in our end and my defensive partner goes in to battle for the puck against an opposing forward. The forward reaches in for the puck one-handed with his center of balance well in front of him and is ripe to be hit. But the hit just does nothing.

That's OK though because my teammate has put himself between the puck and the other player and should be able to retrieve the puck easily with his good position. But the failed hit animation causes him to ( for some reason ) completely lose control of his stick and it warps through the opponent and away from the puck.

That's OK though because the opposing player's stick is nowhere near the puck either so he still shouldn't be able to gain control. But because EA still allows people to control the puck when their stick is outside the playing area ( seriously, how is this still in the game after all these years? ) the forward gets to magically warp the puck along the boards and gain control going the other way.



  • 2 things. Number 1, you need to play better d. You should have used the pin opposing player to the boards command. Number 2, its cuz you had lag. (sarcasm) These guys have gotten my money for the last time...
  • It's easy to explain that you should not get the puck because GamePlay wants it that way.
    The same is true if you match the puck to the player, but then just run away, or the puck is right in front of the player, but he does not take the puck, you steer the player over the puck, it just will not work. And the result is that the opponent gets the puck.

    For me it is also puzzling that a player with a speed92 is slower / as fast as a player with speed 73.

    Even if this is ONLY a game.
    If I buy Stamkos85, which has speed92, I think he should have it too, and just because EA programmed it that way, a player with speed71 is just as fast. Only that Stamkos85 costs about 26000 coins and the silver player costs about 500 coins and that is for .......,
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