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Offline/Full Sim.... What Happened?

I haven't been playing '19 because I'm waiting for proper rosters to be available for download to play Be A GM. I understand the dilemma, it's not a big deal and I don't mind waiting as RDR 2 has filled that void.

However, I learned there were tuners and patches available and I became interested in their efficacy.

While there does seem like a few things were improved and IMO "19 is still the best offline experience of the series, the game seems to have suffered some drastic alterations.

My main concern is slashing/hooking penalties. Or penalties that would be triggered by using the stick lift button. The problem is I'm not taking these penalties. The opposing and teammate A.I. are taking 8 to 10 a game easy (on top of other penalties). I thought overall penalties were a bit too high when the game first dropped and I thought they would reign that in with a tuner perhaps, but OMG are things way out of whack now.

Skating is another issue that has noticeably changed for the worse. I know in Full Sim that skating is skewed more towards realism than arcade, but when the game came out in September, I absolutely loved the feeling and control I was experiencing relative to prior iterations of the game. Upon returning to the game recently with up to date patches and tuners, the skating feels as though it has regressed. I play with the True Broadcast cam where the POV makes the perception of the speed of the game feel faster (which is great for Full Sim), but I find the new build to have made the game feel very less fluid and responsive than to what it was when first implemented. Also, my players feel to be doing the opposite of what I'm inputting in certain situations. I hate to say it, but it's like older versions of the game or TPS versions.

I used to be able to stay competitive in the Hits column with the CPU on Allstar, but now they're out hitting me 2 to 1. I used to record 15 to 30 hits per game (depending on how the game played out). Stats were good on Full Sim, Allstar, with the default 10 minute periods. I was shocked by how accurate the range of stats were with these settings. Usually something is off, but when the game launched "sheet was tight". Now, I'm lucky to get 12 hits. I just bounce off or "bubble" around my check. Even when I'm finishing a check after a pass has been made, my player just awkwardly drifts around. It's not good.

Also, I've tried setting the tuners to older version (1.00, 1.01, 1.02) but it doesn't seem to change the problems I listed above.

So, while I still wouldn't go back to play '18 or '17 etc., I'm disappointed by what has happened to a game that, to me, had so much potential and impressed me for the first time in a long time. I do hope this is not the final state of the game?
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