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NHL 20 Patch Details April 3rd

Check out our April 3rd patch details here.

Scrub hunters. Lol

Team on PS4 that is 217-0. If you look at who they play it’s always a club that is under.500 record. The lower the better it seems. What a bunch of losers. They must feel so good about themselves. They always back out on us when we draw them and we are nowhere near top100. Sticks out for harambe are a bunch of “”F” boys.


  • yeah they back out vs anyone that is any good at the game. I have no idea how you can sit in a DR for that long searching for below average teams. Hard enough to find quality games in this trash game
  • It’s very obvious. 217-0 and they are 3rd or 4th overall in points. Meaning they don’t earn nothing for their wins. Losers.
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