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Custom Jerseys for Existing Teams in NHL 20

I really love creating teams, arenas, jerseys etc., even if there could be more logos to choose from (or even better an option to import logos). So I think it would be pretty neat if we could create jerseys for existing NHL teams. Let's say every team has two or three empty jersey spots, where you can design your own uniforms and use them in offline games. I don't know if there would be a licensing issue, but I can't imagine, since we would be using them only for ourselves.

And when I'm already talking customization: Please bring back custom music. This feature was amazing and added so much to realism. I know it wasn't possible a couple years ago (at least on PS4). But now it is, so something like MLB the show has would be fantastic.


  • SvenArne123
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    edited November 2018
    I agree. The create a team mode is very good and I enjoy it a lot but there is still much room for improvement.

    For example there are several vintage logos that are in the game but not in create a team mode like Dallas 90's, Sharks 90's, Mighty Ducks, Capitals early 2000's, Phoenix Coyotes kachina, Senators 90's, Tampa Bay 90's..

    Also some logos are not very well done, Like the Hartford Whalers logo which is way to big and doesn't have enough different areas to color. I don't know what happened there since that logo was perfectly sized and had all four necessary coloring areas in the old gen create a team mode.

    Also I would love the ability to add text around the center ice circle, choosing from different fonts, colors etc..

  • Agreed. I think it would be a cool idea for them to add two slots for every team that you can update every year in Franchise mode, assign regular promotion nights, along with "special" promotion nights, and have options for jersey retirement, anniversary celebration, turn back the clock, or whatnot, and have randomly assigned outdoor games for teams that made the playoffs the previous year, and allow you to design special jerseys, or patches for arms or shoulder for each of them, and allow them to stay in your "closet" after the season is done.
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