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PS4 - WikkiD VI (D6 Nation) recruiting fwds and D

Due to all DRE's we like other clubs are in need of players that hopefully do not have this problem.

For fwds, we are mainly looking for a Rw, but C would be ok as well. A strong cycle know how and ability to read plays quickly wound go a long way.

For d we're mainly looking for a shut down dman would can make smart offensive plays, meaning using your d partner and not forcing plays that aren't there. Prefer ppl who can play both sides.

We normally do not normally use mics although we do have them. Reason being we tend to trust our players to be responsible for their actions. We're adults and have no need for selfish players or plays. Play right and we all benefit.

Preferred if you were either central or east coast for lag purposes. Thx. We normally play between 8:30 pm - 12 am week days and vary on weekends.

If interested msg me BlahQz on PS4 thx

BlahQz - Owner of WikkiD6 - PS4


  • I'm a + player on D, either side, I'm on a competitive club but if you're interested in some low maintenance depth I'll shoot you a FR.
  • Mikeyjazz65
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    I play LD\RD have played since 07 like to cycle and play real hockey not some 3v3 crap. PSN name is the_jersey_slam I Msged you

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  • All good. Will try tonight.
    BlahQz - Owner of WikkiD6 - PS4
  • Still looking.
    BlahQz - Owner of WikkiD6 - PS4
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