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Fix the AI!

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Bots are completely broken! Their movements away from the puck are broken “they seem to be skating the complete opposite way they should be half the time” Their puck pick ups are broken “if it’s not their pass they ignore the puck even though they’re closest to the puck” Both their offensive/defensive reads are completely broken “ no clue how to cut to open ice or support puck carriers nor do they know how to pressure the puck carrier if someone is out of position” The collect puck animation for recieving passes is completely broken”the amount of times they go offside when receiving a pass from up the ice on the rush is brudal. Minaswell have 0 offensive awareness” They have no clue how to defend “ skating towards a player and just looking at him trying to hold hands is not defense” They are completely clueless “always seem to be 2-3 seconds behind the puck especially when it’s on the other teams stick. After a shot that misses the net they’re all standing still and the closest bot stares at lose puck before moving towards it instead of knowing the puck will miss the net and is already moving towards the puck. Defense awareness? What?”

Anyone else hate how when you pass, it changes to the intended passé before reaching him? This is broken because sometimes the puck doesn’t always make it and all other bots freeze in time when it’s not their intended pass and won’t collect pucks in their focinity. The game is broken!

I could go on and on with how bad the game is because there’s lots more but these are some key things I noticed.

Fix the game EA! Maybe learn the game better and it’ll be better? You know, the game within the game?

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