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AI Penalties committed should be based on actual statistics not attributes

Im not a fan of the attribute bar,
So when my AI teammate is Bergeron and he commits 3 tripping penalties in a game, you know im going offline to play with my own tuner set.

So I have a suggestion, why not set the AI discipline attribute for committing penalties to the players penalties / game average for the last 3 years?

For instance, instead of Bergeron having 3 minor penalties in a game and say "the tuner needs adjusting", instead (as of now) since he committed 30 minor penalties in 162 games, there should be a specific attribute to committing minor penalties where he SHOULD commit a minor penalty every .185 games as an AI.

Or what about Dustin Byfuglien and his minors?
87 in the last 165, if you play against big-buff he SHOULD commit a minor penalty on you every other game (at 52.7%)

Im just saying attributes should more statical, because I don't fully believe lot of the player in-game are represented correctly, and the AI version of the player acts very different then the life counterpart


  • The statistics are supposed to adjust the attributes that affect penalties though...
  • Maybe, yes, but discipline is a universal attribute.
    Discipline won't determine if a player, as an AI, will commit more tripping penalties versus hooking.

    Maybe being more specific with penalty attributes would help the whole poke-check Armageddon as well.
    It would allow players to play specific players with low tripping tendencies but could also mean that player could have a high hooking tendency, or slashing.
    It would add another variable to consider when playing, and how often you should try a risky poke check.
  • The problem is too many sliders seem to do nothing andattrubutes often feel pointless....everything seems very random. Back during NHL 16 I did a test playing the game with all sliders maxed out and then with all sliders at the minimum. I played a bunch of games each way and outside of a few things like speed the games all played and felt the same. Have know idea if that’s relevant with all the sliders we have now and they are also 0-100 now instead of 0-6.
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