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The Most Classic NHL 19 Drop-In Game Recorded

So I just decided to record what a solo drop in game looks like. It's an awful experience, and quite often you encounter this very exact game over and over.

First of all, the skill level. Nice cycling you won't see because the skill level is too low and players are just overly selfish (I'm completely the opposite, I feel bad for my teammates so I try to force passes for assists for guys who don't position themselves properly for one timers). You'll get the trolls. You'll get the quitters because of the trolls. Then the goalie leaves because the game isn't going well. And then the team with the AI goalie wins.

As you can clearly see displayed below! This is the perfect stereotypical solo drop in game. You have red, who only cares about himself, even though he's a complete plug, deciding to troll and do the offside thing all game long while his teammates actually try to play the game. This forces the goalie to leave. So now, advantage in our end. Then red leaves. His trolling got too laborious in this game, so he's deciding to take his talent-less hockey to another game. Then, the other team, who is clearly at a disadvantage now has to deal with the AI, while fending off the oncoming victory as long as they desperately can. As often you see, it's inevitable because the skill of the teams is too similar at this point (God awful).

And alas, here it is for your viewing pleasure. I still don't know why anti-trolling techniques haven't been implemented, but oh well. Also please note, that there is very few decent hits (maybe 2? One being from an AI), even though the strategy of both teams is to clearly skate into the opposing defensemen.


  • Nobody know how to use the dman in offensive zone. It’s just deke and send a pass into the slot to get it pickoff. Doesn’t help most people don’t how to play their positions.

    I either play defense or goalie in drop ins. There’s two things. As a dman, I can’t tell how many times I can bank a pass off the boards to my teammate but they are never there. They just hang around the middle of the thinking I can send it up the guy every time.

    When I’m the goalie, why can’t you take away the pass? Stop trying to get a career ending, open ice hit. Best part is when I get chirped for letting in back door goals or breakaway.

  • You can see Red’s gamer tag on your team in the video. He’s a notorious troll.
  • Haha is he?
  • Mute that music man, and put your own on. The sound track is horrendous. How can you stand it?
  • WainGretSki
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    edited November 2018
    Haha is he?

    Uh, Yea. Probably the biggest troll on Playstation, and for quite a few years actually. Easily since NHL 14 all the way to 19.

    Notice how pretty much every single player just curls their stick the second the get near a player? That is all they do because EA has given it unrealistic results. Strangely enough though, the AI can be successful for the most part in checking those players.

    Also hope you guys notice how incredibly sluggish and laborious it is as a goalie to play the puck and then get back to your net. It is quite disgusting to say the least. Been this horrible for years. Even sluggish on breakaways. I would expect this of 6 year olds....

    Great clip that pretty much demonstrates the high probability of games you will see/play when in random dropins.
  • jake19ny
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    edited November 2018
    You just showed 95% of my drop in games and why i don’t play much anymore. EASHL will get no help or improvement from EA....it doesn’t make them additional money so it’s abandoned like offline modes. EA spends too much time coming up with gimmicks to sell the next release and only cares about micro transactions. The game had promise in the Beta but it’s been down hill since.
  • Mute that music man, and put your own on. The sound track is horrendous. How can you stand it?

    It turned itself back on recently lol. I had it muted.
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