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Wow, ea , your brilliance is brilliant...

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So to get an 85 overall player card, you need a 90 overall team ... Lmao, you serious ?!??

First , if I had a 90overall defense, he ain't making the cut...

Second, most the guys at this moment in the game that have a 90+ overall team , buy packs ... I have the legend edition and a bunch of 80-85's on my team ... And I have an 86 overall team, I'm not buying players to increase my team rank... So this does nothing to help the casual...

Now , let's go to these alumni players, I'm assuming the only reason they are ae so damn expensive, is because you get legend collectibles ... But some players require five gold collectibles or more, at current market price that's 100k to upgrade and at 225k a carbon , the second tier requires two carbons ... To get Mario or Gretzky, you need at a quick guess probably like 20 million coins ... So in other words, just pay to win...

How's about those competitive season ratings ... If I play I team that's all legends ( and I have ) and I win it means nothing... Dude is 12-0 on the top other dude is 12-0 and like , 30th, someone is ,in second with 16-1 , you think in four games that one dude isn't gonna lose ... I understand it's something to do with leaderboards ? But if I have an 85 overall team and best a 90+ overall it should count for more, same as if. Lose ...

Now let's talk about overall and competitive seasons that require overall... One of your game changers and a you tuber pointed this out and made it a point to laugh at EA publicly for this one... Anytime you do a competitive seasons that requires an overall , like 80 max... All guys do with the money to buy packs (or the will to pay to win) is get a bronze third line ... As at a certain point around 90+ endurance, you can easily cycle three lines, sometimes only two... This individual had 9 legends on his first line ... How fair is that ... I understand hut is basically a pay to win, especially with such a gap in player abilities now, and sometimes you're just gonna lose to a team that simply has better players and a better chance (like with puck pick ups ) . It is what it is ... But you ea have to find a way to make it fair to all and competitive for all... You cannot do overall team maximum , you have to do it per line , this way people can't flex their wallets ( or ability to whip them out , I used to spend money on hut, but it just ain't worth it when the AI is so poor )

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  • Well written.
  • The only thing I can say in defense is that you can have a 90 overall team and not have any 90 overall players..
  • My defence is at 92. I have a 90,89,86 and 3 85’s. So why wouldn’t an 85 dman make the cut.
  • great post @Dixonyu but ratings are not based on the overall card value but the card's ratings in the specific categories of O, D and G. my highest Blueliner is the ToW Burns @ 86 but my D rating is a 92.
  • great post @Dixonyu but ratings are not based on the overall card value but the card's ratings in the specific categories of O, D and G. my highest Blueliner is the ToW Burns @ 86 but my D rating is a 92.

    Ya it's both forward and defense to make the overall ... My highest fwd is the monthly reward Joe N , behind that it's my hut cover Gretzky still, pulled a couple 84/85s... Have not bought one pack except for I bought the 2nd most version so I can have early access, which I receive a gold pack a week, generally play a game a day and just do my dailies kinda thing ... I'd imagine alot of people are in the same situation, my best defender is base Pietrangelo, I can use my loan cards to boost my overall , which I'll probably do, as I'd like that Reilly card, and it's not like you need to earn X amount of stars to get him , just win every gake, to him then complete objectives on that challenge alone ...it's ea there's always a work around.
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    I had a 90 overall team and could very much use Rielly as my defense had 4 83's on it. That 2 day loan of Patrick Kane helped me get there as I was sitting at 89 for a while.
  • I think we should talk about the fact that EA sports starts up with lower overall cards beginning of the season and now they have a high overall cards which is totally unfair No Ea logic I mean they should just scrap the higher overall card and get rid of them but it’s too late because they already released them and I think it’s completely stupid sorry
  • My question is why would they just stay with the lower overall cards why bring up the higher overall Cards is it because esports just wants moneyThey should’ve stuck with the 84 and 85 so there should not be 90 mcDavid 90 overall Karlsson an 88 overall this is completely dumb that’s why I’m talking about why would he even go With a higher overall cards and they start out with low overall cards no EA logic at all
  • The whole idea is to progress as the year goes on. People would have their team built by mid October. At that point, there wouldn't be a point to playing and collecting any points. Case in point, why would anyone by Elias Pettersson original card if they went by only their original card.

    Now if you argued over how many there are, then I think we have common ground.
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