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Let's s talk faceoffs...

Firsti want to laugh why ea says forehand stick lift now beats backhand stick lifts, it's been that way for years ea ...

Faceoff rating, and even skill in the faceoff does this matter does this exist??

Vs the computer, not at all ... I'm sure most of us play HUT, and have done the challenges , and have lost faceoffs to semi pro computers, with your 80 + faceoff ratings players... I have the monthly reward Joe N, so 95 faceoff . So losing a backhand tie up to a forehand drawback and getting outskilled or losing a toss up to a guy with less than 80 faceoff rating to a guy that has 95 faceoff ... Get out of town with that garbage .... And ea says no ice tilt or momentum exists , yet this seems to me clearly the AI is cheating game mechanics to win faceoffs , it should be impossible, but yet they are even breaking the rock paper scissors rule of faceoffs with a far superior rating ... Something is very very very wrong with that, and may be a deeper issue ....

Vs human not really, latency wins all. And the rock paper scissors game ea finally added ( after I suggested this years ago ) .

So now the rock paper scissors gAme in faceoffs is here, everything has a counter, all is finally balanced, took years to make one change ea, but you finally did it thanks, you figure things that balance gameplay would be more important, especially than fluff ... But hey you guys stick to your guns you do ( and don't do ) .

So I have yet another suggestion for faceoffs... Everything is timing based ... So if one person has 1 faceoff rating , another has 99 , they would have say a .98 second advantage . And instead of faceoffs straight beating one another , they have advantages over one another so the backhand stick lift would have a .5 second advantage per say over the forehand stick lift , keeping the rock paper scissors game, but allowing each face off to best another , based off skill and good timing, obviously latency will always be a factor , but that's another issue .


  • Dixonyu
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    Serious question .. How can the AI blatantly disregard game mechanics, how can they blatantly cheat on faceoffs ??!? ( I know he doesn't exist but this question is for him)

    And it what other ways can the AI disregard game mechanics and do whatever they want ? What's there to prevent the AI from cheating in other aspects, like puck pick ups, you can't ever pick up a puck over a computer, is this because they can work outside of the game mechanics and do what they want ??

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  • I completely agree with the ai. Rather than implement their logic they just outright beat you. You have to have skill to win against them, but it doesn't matter your level of skill when you lose to them.

    They skate faster, react faster, intercept better and they hit a million times harder.
  • So.... How can the AI cheat and function outside of the game mechanics, and do what they want?!? They have been able to do this for years... Don't answer me here, fine I'll take this question to Reddit/twitter and I'm sure someone on social media will find out ...
  • i'll try to pay more attention to that. i have a broken controller with deadspots in both sticks and when i miss a pass or shot i more times than not rack it up to that or not moving it in the right direction.

    i think timing should be the ultimate factor and against the AI i'd expect it to be better all the time but ties should go to the rating.
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