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roster updates

Hats off to EA for being on the ball when the game first came out having Karlsson on the sharks even though the trade was on the day of the release.
That being said, it's a shame that in order to start your season or franchise mode you have to wait for the ahl players top sign their waivers. I understand that those players must sign in order to be in the game. I also understand that for the most part we know what players are under contract and it may not be clear if a player will be in the nhl or ahl or minors. I think there's no reason why ea could not send waiver sheets to any and all players under contract. SO by the time the game out or with in a week all players can be in the game.
It is also frustrating that college players or player in the us development league are not in the game even draft by a nhl team. I think anyplayer drafted by a team should be in fact in the game.
It would also be nice to include the ushl and khl in the game.


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