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Favorite Club??

even if it's not hockey who do we root for??

i'm originally from Detroit so the Wings are my NHL club but the lockouts have ruined the NHL for me and now living in Seattle where we have 2 WHL clubs within an hour from each other i pull hard for the Everett Silvertips and not as hard but still root for the Seattle Thunderbirds. the WHL is great hockey and there are about half a dozen clubs i like to follow.

i'm also big into International leagues, especially Scandinavia, and love that they are in NHL 19 but would love it if we could use their ice rinks in HUT. i like that the Champions League is on NHL Network but would like to see a league game from time to time.

Soccer is pretty much Premire league only for me and Bournemouth has been my club since Leicester City fired Ranieri but i'll watch any match i can from the EPL.


  • From Columbus, I am a huge fan of HC Lugano, a Swiss club; as far as NHL is concerned; it is the Senators for me all the way. As far as soccer/football clubs; Tottenham fopr EPL, Inter Milan for Serie A, Athletic Bilbao for LaLiga and Bayer 04 Leverkusen for Bundesliga. But yeah was so sad to see Lugano kicked out of the CHL by Frolunda, I so wanted to see them get a possible European Championship. Sadly they are 8th in the NLA, so I'm going to wait until 2020-21 (if they do well then.) to see a possible CHL trophy in their case.
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    Devils fan. It all started when my dad had season tickets in the last years they called Continental Airlines their home. I don’t remember much about that as I was so young. When they moved to Prudential Center we went to the first game and although didn’t do season tickets anymore we went to a ton of games. There was a time period that we sat in the front row right behind Brodeur. I remember there was a game at Prudential against the Penguins and Marty lost his stick during play and he went out of the net to retrieve it and right as he was coming back into position a Penguins player ripped a shot and it went straight across the blue line and Marty was spinning around because he didn’t know where the puck was. One wrong move and it would have went in. I was in the first row for that. My dad also took me to the 2012 final home games and the 2014 stadium series. I also went to the Doc night and the 1995 reunion night.

    I remember one of the games my dad took me to was at the Prudential Center against the Capitals. It wasn’t the first time I’ve seen Ovechkin play, but it went all the way to a shootout and the Caps saved Ovi for their last shooter and he scored on Brodeur.

    Went to a ton of games when Kovalchuk was on the team. Went to the game where he lost the puck in the shootout. I remember how disappointed everyone was and the look on my dads face was priceless. I didn’t care I knew good things were to come. I liked him so much that every NHL game that was released after he left, I either created him if he wasn’t on the roster or traded him right back to the Devils as alternate captain. We could have made the finals again if him and Parise stayed. It broke me when he left, but family is family.

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