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Officially NHL 18

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Every Tuner released has pushed this game back in time to be more like NHL 18. The new skating is fantastic but is being eclipsed by the awful changes bring made. The last tuner has delivered 3 horrible things from NHL 18 in HUT play:

1) The Awkward Animation Fan Shot. Guys are fanning on shots like crazy with that bizarre twitch animation.

2) Phantom Tripping Calls. No trip animation can be seen but it exists in the replay.

3) Scoring on first shots of the game. I only started keeping track of this 2 days ago.
Day 1 Game 1: Me 2 shots 2 goals Opponent 2 shots 2 goals
Day 1 Game 2: Me 4 shots 3 goals opponent Rage Quit
Day 1 Game 3: Me 3 shots 2 goals Opponent 3 shots 3 goals
Day 2 Game 1: Me 4 shots 4 goals Opponent 3 shots 2 goals
Day 2 Game 2: Me 1 shot 1 goal Opponent 5 shots 4 goals
Day 3 Game 1: Me 1 shot 1 goal Opponent 4 shots 4 goals
Day 3 Game 2: Me 3 shots 3 goals Opponent 1 shot 1 goal

After the initial scoring the rest of the game played normal.These are the only games I’ve played the past 3 days. What’s up with the first few shots going right in? This game is now officially the garbage that was NHL 18
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  • Id go as far to say that what we have now is worse than NHL 18...and thats putting it lightly
  • LeFury_27
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    NHL 19 is basically NHL 18 with more poke checking penalties and a new skating system.

    - Same old short side goals and moves on breakaways that you can do to score 100% of the time
    - Can't shove a player off the puck, players have a protective bubble around them and perfect balance
    - Play 1-4, don't move player out of position, rag in opponents end and wait for passing lanes to open

    None of this worked in 1.0 but you know why they changed the game.
  • jake19ny
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    Just played 2 more online games

    Game 1: Opponent shoot score...me shoot score....opponent shoot score...me shoot score....the rest of the game opponent 19 shots me 28 I win 3-2

    Game 2: Me shoot score...opponent shoot score....opponent shoot score.....me shoot score.....the rest of the Me 29 shots Opponent 6 I lose 3-2 (WTH)...

    So that means I’m my last 9 Online HUT Games the first 44 shots taken resulted in 36 goals. What is going on?
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