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Draft Champions

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If you guys want to make NHL 20 better PLEASE PLEASE get rid of Draft Champions i think that it is not played that much it has to be the most dumb thing that has been in the game for the past 2 years it has run its course you can not just doing the same thing over and over again veterans young guns alumni speeders and snipe show it is boring as hell to play even if you can get rid of it this year would be great.....

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  • Let's not stop there. I do not understand the unbelievable amount of options for clothing, faces, hair types - it's too much!!! Focus on the game engine, make it better and work out the kinks that most users touch upon. Make more options in game play, so many ideas :)
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  • Agreed draft champions is not good I guess by giving non nhlers they want you to buy points to buy cards for me most likely I am in the minority I will not purchase I guess I am too old that is for the youngsters that have mom and dad buy them. I see no need to continue this mode
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