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Franchise Mode: Progress Reports (Number Color)

In Franchise Mode > Team Management > Progress Reports:

Does anyone know what the colors represent in the numbers column for MOD? (Green & Yellow)

I thought at first Yellow was for negative numbers only, but this is not the case for all players, when viewing player info. Maybe Yellow represents both positive and negative number growth? Green seems to indicate all positive growth. Grey looks to be zero growth.

Curious to know if anyone else has seen this or knows?

Thank you!
PS4 Pro : NHL19 : Franchise Mode


  • I would imagine that yellow is minimal growth, green is a lot of growth and red would be a decline in attributes. However looking at your numbers, it is confusing that 13 and 12 are yellow and 11 is green. Could be something to do with age maybe?
  • That is interesting, I did not consider age before... I also noticed the players that have a Green number are the only ones that have numbers under a column labeled "Natural Growth"...

    I have not seen Red in the front-facing numbers (like the img), but when looking at the info breakdown, you can see red negative numbers in certain attribute columns.
    PS4 Pro : NHL19 : Franchise Mode
  • BruinsHockey08
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    edited November 2018
    Green means good growth
    Yellow means mediocre growth
    And red would mean regression.

    At least that is how I understand it, but I normally do not look at these.
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