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NHL 20 wishlist and suggestions


  • Sgt_Kelso wrote: »
    With the BAP progression, there would many mad players with poor discipline values in no time. ;)

    Like there's a difference? You get called for everything as it is lol
  • Sgt_Kelso
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    Yes there's a huge difference, if your discipline goes down everytime you take a penalty. So it gets easier and easier to get penalty - hence my comment.

    You dont' get too many penalties if you know what you're doing. Spamming the x or the poke is sure way to get in the box.
  • EA_Aljo
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    It's not really the controls that are awful (with the exception of the failed covering of pucks) as it is that the game is just completely broken. You sit there & play D & you're basically a moving cone. People complain about the poke being over powered & this & that & you can sit there right in the passing lane & the puck goes right through the D.

    Honestly as the game sits now, I have zero plans on another NHL title ever. It's literally gotten worse every year than the year before since this gen came out & all that's done it useless stuff added in the games, like mouth pieces, face masks, bags with gear that you don't even want.

    Not sure who's in charge of the decision making of the game over there but they need a step into reality & check what's really going on with this sad excuse of a game.

    What would you like to see change? I get that you don't like the game, but there's not much to take from what you're saying. Unless you just want the gear options removed and goalie controls improved. If you have better details on what would make the game more fun for you, we're listening.

    lol, classic. Go through my older posts, you'll see stuff that I've posted before. You guys say that you're listening yet you guys find a way to make the game worse every year & ignore fixing the core game itself. Short answer, go back to NHL 14 & again, go through my older posts. There's too much to retype...

    It would have been good to see your feedback here since it's specifically about what you'd like to see added, but that's fine. I looked through your posts and there's a lot of suggesting we go back to the previous generation, but I'm not seeing any real details on what your issues are exactly. Other than blanket statements of features not working. That's fine if that's how you want to detail your feedback. There's just not a lot that can be taken from it. We certainly appreciate that you've taken the time to provide some input though.

    I mean, do you guys even play your own game? If so, how do you not see the obvious issues with the game? It baffles me that you're asking me to be so detailed with it when people have been complaining for years about this stuff. It's fine though, you guys keep making bad games, I just won't be buying them anymore. It's not worth the $60+ or the headaches just because you guys want to concentrate on HUT because it makes you the most money from the game & you guys keep adding in garbage to the game that makes the game a laughable joke.

    Yes. We play our own game. I personally have thousands of games played in 20. Regardless, this is about your feedback and gathering that. I'm just saying that if you truly want to be heard, providing constructive and detailed information instead of just claiming something is broken or that you don't like particular features, is how you make that happen. Otherwise, we really don't know what your issues are. For example, you said you want the old progression system back and that the new system is bad, but you don't say why you liked the old system better and what you don't like about the new one. You also claim that 99% of the time the puck passes through the defender's stick when defending. It would be good to get video of this as not everyone is experiencing this.

    I'm just trying to advise on how to give feedback that stands a much better chance on being reviewed and acted on.

    I've also said bring back the old progression system or the BAP progression system into eashl/drop-ins. I've also stated why I would prefer that over the preset build many of times.. (also trying to be as positive as possible and give constructive criticism") yet get blatenly ignored doing it... no response or anything... ao one more time, the new system is bland no want to keep playing or try to get better(since it doesn't matter because all of the classes are preset to EAs stats) However transfer the BAP system over, our stats depend on how WE play, not how you guys think we should. It might actually force people to be in game chat and communicate (thus not giving you missed assignments because you're communicating with your teammates, and they might cover you or you cover them if either get out of position...) there really isn't anything good I have to say about the new system... so I'll just leave it at that...

    I'm sorry you're feeling ignored. That's not the case though. We see everything here, but don't comment on it all. This is a wishlist and suggestion thread. There isn't a lot we can comment on because people are requesting features for the future. When it comes to the current build system vs the previous one, I believe that's something we've commented on in the past. It's not being ignored, but we also don't act on every suggestion. That doesn't mean we don't see the feedback and it's just completely ignored.
  • Sgt_Kelso wrote: »
    With the BAP progression, there would many mad players with poor discipline values in no time. ;)

    Sounds like a they problem...😉🤣😂
  • I know I’ve triple posted the same thing a few times, my bad. One thing I’d like to see added to online play, especially in EASHL is a timed pause. For example: I had dinner in the oven, and my timer went off mid game. I paused the game to take my food out and all of that jazz but when I returned I was kicked for poor gameplay. Maybe add an option to select a pause time (2 minutes for example) and have a CPU player temporarily take over for you while you are paused. Just a thought, to possibly improve the experience for some of us older gamers.
  • mightymidget414
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    NHL 20 wishlist and suggestions

    Perfect! Basically exactly what I was thinking.
    P.S. Look at the original post, it is the first one on the first page, because there is more information that isn't included in my post
  • BAP needs an overhaul! The biggest problem is lack of immersion and variety. The mode can be fun for a couple of days but quickly gets boring because basically the only thing to do is play games. There needs to be more variety of things you can do so when you aren't playing you can't wait till the next day to come back and do something completely new and different. Add cut scenes and make it like a story mode similar to Madden 20's QB1 , FIFA's The Journey, or NBA 2K's career mode. More off ice stuff and incentives to doing good like awards ceremony, hall of fame, all star game, making national teams etc. On the point of national teams I think it would be really great if while you were in junior you could be able to tryout for and make your nations world junior team, if you are good enough. Once you are a pro you could also make the World Championship, Olympics, or world Cup team, as well as all star games. I think there should also be more junior and pro options NCAA, U sports, Europe.
    I am seeing a lot of feedback like this so I hope EA really thinks about this and listens to us this time, because we have been asking for this for years.
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