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NHL 20 wishlist and suggestions


  • ADMITTEDLY this is a REPOST from this very thread and I am hoping that someone actually involved with the making of this franchise will see these posts and actually respond and use alot of these ideas considering we are your customer base with all due respect>>>

    I Love the idea of a wish list BUT I sincerely hope that EA actually reads these and considers many of OUR ideas,cause I really think some of my ideas would really improve the game immensely! Most of my ideas are NOT technical BUT more of aesthetic enhancements. I would really LOVE to get feedback for my ideas from someone that is actually part of the EA Hockey development team. How about you guys at EA actually have a phone number where we can call you and actually chat with someone that is NOT just a go between. With all that being said......Here goes my wishlist for 2020 and its a long one so PLEASE bare with me and read all of it.(Eventually I think EA may just start having literal CUSTOM MADE EA Hockey games for a higher price)....

    My ideas have to do with 2 parts of your game and that is the Franchise Mode and the Creation modes,together.

    1.Much more VARIETY and Options in the Create Modes for BOTH Players and Teams
    Players......1.)More Hairstyles,2.)More Facial Hairstyles and even textures,3.)More skates,4.)More face shields,5.)More unique wrapping for the sticks,also bring Easton into it, 6.)It would be nice to see a much more advanced face generator and to be able to select race,ethnicity,national origin and then go from there and have like around 100 faces for each ethnic group,7.)More generic names for my created players cause I make like 250 created players(Names like Smokey,Killer,Bruiser,etc), 8.)The ability to make my created players from Anywhere(Not just your preselected towns),8.) Maybe even a Personality generator,9.) More celebrations although I was happy to see you add to this year(19)there are still LOTS of possibilites for celebrations(Heisman Pose,The Hulk Hogan,Boxer knockout,The Tebow,Do the X sign with your arms,......just some examples),10.)Per the Goalies I would like to have original Goalie masks<NOT taken form another league and LOTS of them as well,kind of like you done in 2008......I mean admittedly some of the Goalie masks from these other leagues are really sweet BUT I dont like to see another teams logo or name on my Goalies mask......(Themes like ICE,FIRE,a Crypt,etc,etc)

    Teams......1.)ALOT more Logos(what about a Tornado,A Phantom looking figure,A Bear,Piranha,Volcanos,Blizzard,Sasquatch,Gunslinger,a Planet like Neptune.....once again just some ideas),I would like to see up to triple the amount of logo selections and maybe multiple ideas for each .I would like the ability to spell out the name of the team on the jersey,2.) ALOT More Jerseys and original designs BESIDES the ones that you have which seem to be blueprints for other teams in the league,3.) ALOT MORE Pants,4.)ALOT More Sox,5.)ALOT more Fonts to choose from 6.)More than 3 Uniform ideas like coming out with my own Anniversary uniform for my Team,or a Stadium Uniform and the ability to bring back like your uniform from your first 3-4 years before changing it 7.)More mascots 8.)ALOT more stadium ideas and make them unique like your 2 stadiums in the AHL affiliate and have like say,25 different stadiums,9.)More scoreboards(instead of 8,how about 16,... ....10.)More Displays than just smoke or fire or lightning 11.)If you can work it out,it would be nice to be able to pick my own songs for the goals and thw ins and Powerplays,other than the new music you have to choose from....I would like to have an AC-DC song for example

    Franchise Mode.....1.) One of the biggest complaints I have with Franchise mode is that when I create my players THEY ALL are rookies the same YEAR! I would like to be able to choose what year they come in whether its Via the Draft or Free Agency,that way all my made up players are NOT all gone by the end of my 20-25 year franchise.Say like I make up an original 100 to come in the first year(2019) and then say down the road I make 35 more for 5 years out in (2024), 2.)I would Love to see the players skate on to the Ice from the dressing room, 3.) I would like to see my created team(s) have their own introduction with a pic of the chosen cities skyline like my current team is Tulsa...I would like to see a Pic of Tulsa while Doc and Eddie are speaking about the game(Skylines of San Antonio,Houston,Salt Lake,Cleveland....whatever city there is that we can choose in Franchise mode I would like to see that city at the beginning on some games like you have currently for the NHL teams,.. 4.) ALOT more animations from the players faces and interactions with each other on the bench or on the ice other than just the one where the players wave their hands in front of their face like smelling salts,also have the players interact with the Fans through the glass.......Pointing to the crowd etc...,5.) More fan movement and it would be really awesome to see the fans for short intervals during,the intermissions at the concession stand or at the team store, 6.)It would be neat to see the Zamboni during the intermission doing its rounds again for just a quick view,say 30secs or 1minute 7.) ALOT more dialogue from Eddie,Doc and Ray other than what you have already and try and make it to the point rather than generalities,...8.)Maybe even a press conference? ,...9.)the Same coach for at least one whole season rather than a different coach every game!?!? ,10.) Be able to track all your created players career highlights and total stats...Like date of first point first goal,first assist first hat trick,most goals in a game,most hits, and awards hey may have gotten like the Norris Trophy and how many times did they get it etc,etc,... Plus when they retire their total stats plus for each year, 11.)During the Stanley Cup playoffs I would like to really notice a big difference in presentation and notice a clear difference between the excitement......also during the Stanley Cup ceremony I would like to see each player carry the Trophy rather than just like 4 ,....12.) After you win the Stanley Cup,... the following year you have a ring ceremony for the players and all and then raise the banner into the rafters ,...13.)Bring back the ALL Star game ,...14.) When a player retires which I would like to have control over when my created players(ON MY TEAM) retire if they were good enough and had great stats they could be considered for the Hall of Fame and have their jersey retired
    ,...15.)Maybe a victory parade?

    ..............Lastly while I dont hardly play any other mode than Franchise with heavy use of the Creation modes,I would LOVE to see a International mode...AKA the Olympics and have a Tournament like in the Olympics.......................................

    As I said,I would love to get your impressions and feedback of my ideas and would LOVE to hear from you...Thx!
  • fix the servers so I can play the game with a 1/4 second delay and random spins
  • Please put the shirt number in the player information also in HUT.
    I do not understand, why there are no player shirt numbers in the player information in HUT?

    If I start playing HUT, I will have a team with a lot of players, I do not know very well; for instance from the AHL, the WHL, the OHL etc. I think, to find the shirt number in the player information could help a lot, to know my players better in a shorter time. I can see the shirt number of my players almost the whole time during a game; the player's name is pictured only for a very short time.

    Why there is no HUT-Web-App for NHL like there is a FUT-Web-App for FIFA?

    It is true, more people are playing FUT than HUT. But, if there is a FUT-Web-App, I think, it could not be so difficult to create a HUT-Web-App. The content of the HUT-Web-App would be similar to the FUT-Web-App. I would look forward to a HUT-Web-App.
  • As a Czech guy playing mostly offline modes i would love to see those improvements:

    # repaired Champions Hockey League mode. Despite new updates the schedule of the tournament was wrond. Teams within the group actually did not play each other in the group phase. PLEASE REPAIR THIS ISSUE. Also, if the licence allows that, i would love to change the teams in that mode.

    # World Cup of Hockey 2016 mode, or something like that. I miss those National teams tournaments. Please add a 8 and 16 teams tournament, like it was part of earlier NHL games.

    # I would like to see more National team licences (like Canada, Germany and Austria already being part of the game). Also add please Korea, Hungary and Slovenia teams. If you would add the IIHF licence, it would be perfect.

    # I am sick of those National teams generic jerseys. If you were to make a competition for designers on pages like icethetics.co for new generic designs, it would be so refreshing.

    # Extraliga jerseys are always out of date, being from the last season. I guess it is kind of bad comunication between you and league representatives. It would be nice to see the new ones.

    This is my wishlist. I guess I am not the primarily targeted customer, but anyway, i like your franchise for a long time, so having those addons would be appreciated. It wouldn't be a problem for me to help you surpass the language barrier if there are any.

    Cheers boys
  • Champions Hockey League Tourneament does not work correct
    It is correct, what TheoGore is writing. The Champions Hockey League Tourneament does not work correct. In the group phase I had to play against different teams than the teams there were standing in the group after the draw. So the match schedule and the standing of the group had always different teams. It is a little bit troublesome. Please repair the Champions Hockey League Tourneament. With these mistakes it is unusable.
    Let us create our own tournaments
    Please let us create our own tournaments again. Let us choose the number of teams (4, 8, 16, 32), let us choose the mode (group phase with play off, only play off, cup mode etc.) and let us choose the teams, which will play the tournament.
  • I would like the announcer from 3s to announce every game in every mode. Give us variety to the announcers, excitement to the game.

    Nintendo Switch version.

    More collectables/challenges for other modes not just HUT.

    That's what I want to see.
  • I would like the announcer from 3s to announce every game in every mode. Give us variety to the announcers, excitement to the game.

    Nintendo Switch version.

    More collectables/challenges for other modes not just HUT.

    That's what I want to see.

    Definitely Nintendo switch version
  • Froommey
    800 posts Member
    edited January 2019
    To hire and fire real Trainer ( all possible NHL, AHL Trainer should be in ) would be good. Negotiations and budgets with real face scans from them. An existing or hired Trainer should give advices to GM which players he want for the Team, and the GM could try to trade wishable players for the Trainer which will influence the gameplay positive or negative. Therefore a negotiation button between Manager of the Teams is necessary. The GM asks other GM for a player, and the other GM tells what he wants from my Team. This could go moretimes way to and back before trade is finalized or rejected.
  • Community draft classes. You should be able to upload created draft classes for others to be able to download and use in Be a GM.
  • I'd like to chime in on this one as purely EASHL player. (or w/e it is called now)

    # Practice mode
    As we have limited hours practicing team play since there's only like 4h a day during the evening you can find 6's I'd highly appriciate online practice mode. Just free skating with maybe an option to add cones and put some of your team mates to different sides.

    # "Alliance"
    Some teams don't always get 6 players online at the time so if I could be on my own team and my team could make 'alliance' with lets say 2-3 other teams. I would see the online members of the other teams and we would have 'alliance' dressing room where anyone from the alliance team players could join freely.
    As the European 6vs6 scene has tiers we could even have our own "AHL" and "CHL" teams that way.

    #Spectator mode
    Enough said. EU scene just got 10k price pool for this season and the season is being streamed by major teleoperator in Finland and we don't even have an option to spectate the games without having some player to stream it. ADD THIS please so we can do proper broadcasts.

    #Adding stats
    Please take your time and add some way for the individual stats to get updated automatically with the match results to the EA API that NHLgamer uses.
  • The fighting dynamics have always been slower than an actual NHL fight. Especially when you're not in the fight and watching it, it takes what feels like forever. Plus hockey players don't throw punches that slow.
    Instead of that why not go into first person view during a fight and allow a bunch of punches to be thrown fast and heavy like an actual NHL fight and have a knock out area where if you hit it it drops the other player. Definitly would be very cool to fight in first person.

    Second is for franchise/gm mode. If you are watching an NHL game CPU vs CPU, it would be cool to have a camera mode from the press box like an actual gm would see from way up high. True broadcast is awsome, but just to give it the real feel it would help a lot.

    Being able to adjust team strategy while watching a game, press a button and have a window come up with strategy adjustments for on the fly, that way if you can see what's happening, you can adjust and still have a chance for your team to come back. Also in that have assistant coach updates on the other teams strategy and playing style. Make it so it needs to be earned to be more accurate like scouting.

    Definitely lots of room to grow in gm mode without actually having to play all the game and still being able to enjoy them and play the role of the gm

    Last is the loss of the analytics that were in legacy for be a pro. Its definitely more simplified but having a page dedicated solely to career stats and analytics would be great to have. Also lifetime achievements for your player, how many trophies and whatnot
  • For EASHL Drop In, I'd love to see CR tied to your ingame performance, rather than just a win/loss record.

    This would allow matchmaking to find better games for everyone's skill level, but at the same time opens up more options.

    For instance, everyone starts at a base 500 CR, and we're down in the minors. Maybe it's just a few rinks/teams we can choose from. CR is now tied into how you played...if your three ratings (Offense, Defense, Team) continue to meet/exceed the coaching expectation, your CR goes up, even if your team loses. Lord knows we've all had those games were one guy is an absolute hockey moron, but gains CR because you carried him to a win. So, your CR goes up to 700, and now you're matched up against everyone else in that range, but you have more leagues/rinks to play in for drop in.

    Maintain your CR, and you unlock all the teams/rinks, including stadium series for the outdoor experience. There's a lot that could be expanded on here, but I think it could really help match people up that are around the same skill level, creating better online play experiences.
  • I would really like to see an updated graphics engine, the current one is ancient and is kind of clunky for modern standards (Take NBA 2K19 for example, it is graphically inferior to any of the EA games; but is much more playable as a game and is more condensed to the rules of basketball.), a better selection for soundtracks that relate to hockey (Such as more metal, punk and emo instead of pop, hip hop/rap and EDM as on 19 for example.). I was also thinking some sort of Winter Classic/Stadium Series mode where you get to choose any of the teams (Along with minor, European and junior leagues as well.) to play in said mode. And if anyone is lucky; maybe add some of the American junior leagues (USHL, NAHL, etc.) as well. I would also like the ability to start out in any of the European leagues in Be A Pro (As that is what Auston Matthews did when his junior qualifications ran out and when to the Swiss League for 1 season, for example.), or the possibility to get contracts later on in said mode when your NHL team's contract has expired.
  • Also for EASHL...how about some recognition for folks who make the leader boards? Nothing special, but maybe a C or A on their Jersey, maybe some pregame recognition as a "player to watch".
  • Have the option to have home and road alternate captains in EASHL.

    Color palette. Not a huge fan of the color wheel.

  • EpiCxOwNeD wrote: »
    Have the option to have home and road alternate captains in EASHL.

    Color palette. Not a huge fan of the color wheel.

    Yep, maybe have a color palette for the non-NHL teams/leagues as well?
  • JpNHL112 wrote: »
    EpiCxOwNeD wrote: »
    Have the option to have home and road alternate captains in EASHL.

    Color palette. Not a huge fan of the color wheel.

    Yep, maybe have a color palette for the non-NHL teams/leagues as well?

    Sure. I was thinking for EASHL that could work too.
  • Stop the recharge after the player sets and the all star challenges being so difficult
  • I prefer to play against AI. And i also love to play for a old players - i mean legends or just a great players from the past. Can you do something about it? Maybe the same hut game mode but only for playing against AI with seasons and divisions with pack opening ... maybe some other stuff ...
  • I prefer to play against AI. And i also love to play for a old players - i mean legends or just a great players from the past. Can you do something about it? Maybe the same hut game mode but only for playing against AI with seasons and divisions with pack opening ... maybe some other stuff ...

    I've been suggesting something like that, a way to choose a year for Offline mode, where you can choose the year you start, like if you start in 1962 you can play against Bobby Orr in Junior A, when hes developing or Gordie Howe when you make it to the NHL. Same for GM mode or just a simple play now.
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