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NHL 20 wishlist and suggestions


  • - I would like to be able to set custom goal celebrations for HUT and versus. Cause imop the ones we have now are old, classic but would like to have the option to set my own.
    - Return of Authentic songs

  • 1. Adjust Tripping Penalties so that you can only trip a person if their feet are moving.
    2. Fix the skating. Pushing the left stick moves the players as a whole but not his legs. If you push the left stick 50% your skater moves slow but his feet are still moving fast. Need to connect his feet movement with the momentum of the player.
    3. Fix the physics. Sticks should not go through the ice or the boards. Sticks should not pass through players legs or bodies.
  • Issue: See which teams the NHL scouts are scouting during NHL playoffs in franchise mode (when I let them choose by themselves)

    Scouts are scouting teams out of playoffs.

    What do I expect to See?

    NHL Scouts should be scouting only NHL team that are still playing games (that are still qualified for the playoffs).

    It should not be possible to scout teams out of playoffs during playoffs.

    I want the most relevant information about teams during playoffs.

    Ideally, it should be teams that I could face in next rounds.

    Was the issue in online or offline mode? Offline

    Insert Game Mode or Feature :
    Franchise Mode: NHL scouting during NHL playoffs.
  • Not ready to touch game play suggestions yet, but a main thing I want brought (back) into NHL 20 is a separate EASHL Club page. I hate the menu for club now. It's so boring. Club page was awesome. It showed everything. The downplay of their best mode over the years is an embarrassment.
  • 4s EASHL mode. Sometimes we have too many for 3s but don’t want to play 6s because there’s Ai. Wether it be an Ai goalie or skater, you just can’t trust them.
  • Better search filters for EASHL match making.

    Teams of 2 skaters should only be allowed to play 3's.

    My club will only play a team with a minimum of 4 skaters. Would like more options to filter matchmaking instead of just "relaxed" and "match my size".

  • EpiCxOwNeD
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    New passing animations. Some of the animations currently in the game take so long to pass the puck, especially hard ones. Ever seen NHL just use their wrists and send a laser of a pass? Let’s have that.

    Add receiving passing logic for plays like this.


    Towes instead of going towards the net which I wanted him to instead goes into a terrible passing pick up animation between defnders and I end up losing the puck. Eith receiving logic, Towes would instead catch the pass on his backhand and drive forward because currently some parts of this game feel like we play on rails and don’t have much creativity.
  • Please make one year where tilted ice isnt a factor ever. Make the players play to the ratings you give them. No more 84 Bufflen skating faster then a 91 thanksgiving kane for example unless Kane has no legs. Everyone wants to scream about how good they are but if most were honest you can see a clear advantage given to one side almost at the beginning of most games. Maybe when one player is in the middle of three players a lot of times higher ranked players maybe the single character doesnt come out with the puck everytime. If a player is a 90 speed maybe ha shouldnt skate faster than a player with 99 speed. Let the people play without interference from your programming. See if the ranks change do to the game being fair and realistic.
  • Please no new gimmick modes this year, just work on improving the NHL experience and Franchise options. Improve creation options with imported logos. Integrate all leagues and have them all playable within Franchise. Editable and shareable draft classes. License all international teams and add tournaments in Be a Pro and Franchise. Improve visual and audio presentation drastically.
  • Better network infrastructure/coding/servers, whatever, as long as the there is no input delay in any game at all when playing EASHL . Ridiculous that this is an issue in 2019.
  • snagglenikto
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    I feel inclined to also comment on the overall play of the game. Overall it is pretty good BUT there are some glaring problems that I notice and they are such........1.) The defenders KNOCK away the puck from any and all of my guys very easy!!! They barely breathe on my guys and they knock the puck away and as if thats not bad enough I try and deke and I almost ALWAYS lose the puck.Even if my player has a rating of like 93 and has a stickhandling of same(93).....I mean come on! There are some great stickhandlers out there that can evade very nicely. Next of all this is similar but slightly different,when I am playing the defenders are able to nearly mirror all my moves and seemlessly deflect an inordinately HIGH amount of passses. Another thing is that you seem to make a person with a speed of say 86-87 catch up to a player with a speed of 94 and I am sorry BUT that just isnt realistic! Next of all,just cause my opponent is on a PP doesnt mean they are going to score like 85-90% of the time. There should be a way to play good defense without a slashing call all the time.Furthermore,my guys seem to make too many bad passes and ofcourse my computer opponent almost always makes perfect passes! I also dont like the idea of automatically being forced into a fight if I dont want to fight at that time.I really dont see a team starting a fight just cause I take a shot after the whistle
  • offer on PC and nintendo switch, with cross-platform play
  • -that you can start in franchise mode, for example, in 2010. so you could affect the story of his team even more or a specific player draften.
    -For example, at the time of the contract extension, you can offer a player a 5-year contract, earning 5mio in the first two years and then only 3
  • Here's another suggestion...AI that can saucer pass from time to time, or use the boards properly. Sick and tired of sending pucks up along the boards only to have the AI ignore it and watch it sail on by for the icing.
  • The-Sporty-Hero
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    Offensive stick sharp-wittedness touchpoints.
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    Madden fan since 93.
  • -that you can start in franchise mode, for example, in 2010. so you could affect the story of his team even more or a specific player draften.
    -For example, at the time of the contract extension, you can offer a player a 5-year contract, earning 5mio in the first two years and then only 3

    And NCAA
  • 1) I would love to be able to do both the All Star tournament with the format how it is now and also participate in the skills competition (2k and The Show let you do the dunk contest and home run derby). Could also make a preset logo and jersey set for all 31 teams and wherever the festivities go it is assigned that logo/jersey set
    2) Goalie mask creator. Just choose one of like 5 designs edit colors and add logos or text
    3) Create/Edit coaches. I’m sick of the generic coaches. It’d be cool to create them and assign them to teams
    4) More diverse name play-by-play.
    5) Be able to achieve goals in franchise mode and every few years being allowed to add a jersey or something to the arena
    6) Go back to the 2014 entry to Be A Pro, was much cooler. Also would like to be able to answer post game questions (maybe make it only the number 1 star answers questions)
    7) A plot line to Be A Pro. You could start out as a kid playing pond hockey with your dad then you could play in a junior tournament to figure out where you’re drafted. Maybe have a few cutscenes after major moments (first game, first all star game, Stanley Cup, ring ceremony, ect.)
    8) Might be a stretch but to have a MyCourt-like (would obviously have a rink in it) home where you can walk around with your player and have the ability to change clothing and jewelry (could be what you where for post game interviews)
    9) Playing/scheduling the Winter Classic (or just any kind of outdoor games)
    10) Have Seattle enter the league in 2021/2022. Might have to wait till they release more info on the team (nickname,stadium,etc.)

    Just some of my thoughts. Would love to see these in NHL 20. Would make the game so much more realistic and fun.
  • What about the lower Europe leagues? Slovakia, Belarus, Norway, UK, Denmark, France, and Poland.

    Also the Div 1 national teams.
    Div 1A: Belarus, Korea, Kazakhstan, Hungary, Slovenia, Lithuania
    Div 1B: Poland, Japan, Estonia, Ukraine, Romania, Netherlands
    Whichever Countries that aren't currently in the game.
  • 18500 views, the most in this Forum and you EA care so less about. https://forums.operationsports.com/forums/ea-sports-nhl/935718-nhl-19-player-faces-list.html
  • jiajji wrote: »
    EASHL line changes, let us put multiple builds into the game with the ability to skate to the bench to switch builds.

    I like this idea. I have thought the same thing. Multiple builds being forced to line change. Tired lines getting stuck on the ice after an icing call. Would definitely add a whole new element to EASHL
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