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different period length options for online versus

One thing that was brought up, they make the goalies a little weaker to help people score in the 4 min period games... well they should make different leagues each with different period lengths..

the 4 min period league, the 7 min, the 10 min.. and each one have slightly different tunings

the longer the period, the closer to sim it is.

would you guys like something like that?


  • Very much
    All Comments pertain to 6v6 drop in unless otherwise stated..
  • I honestly feel that you don't even need to adjust period lengths to simulate realistic hockey. Offline I have a fairly realistic interpretation and it's still on 4 mins. The big one though is realistic times for powerplays. That does make a difference though.

    I have a wide variety of scores. Between 1-0 games to 6-4. The defense is tough to get around and you need skill to score, but still plenty of shots miss the net, plenty of opportunities but there's not many walk in chances like there is online now.

    The key is the shooting and goalie reaction times. It's very tough to get one timer opportunities because passes are picked off easily, but good one time opportunities result in a goal probably 30% of the time which is close to real life.
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