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  • Can't access HUT at ll, it just throws me an error message.

    It looks like you've gone way pass the point where fix to one place generates several bugs elsewhere. And then the right thing to do is not to introduce us new features, but first carefully refactor the code and give us a well working, stable game. This version has been really unstable and full of bugs.
  • The problems, bugs, glitches, and lack of innovation really indicates they still don’t have a grasp on developing for the current consoles....next gen is going to be a real treat when that happens.
  • jake19ny wrote: »
    The problems, bugs, glitches, and lack of innovation really indicates they still don’t have a grasp on developing for the current consoles....next gen is going to be a real treat when that happens.

    I think we are a good 2-3 years away from that happening. Hopefully, by then games are easier to make and update as needed. I heard from the beginning that games were a lot tougher to make on PS4, XB1 so that might be why EA has struggled this generation.
  • What happen ?? error to log in HUT and CHEL now !! i can't play !!!!
  • ERROR CODE : 24DA13847FB7E401-0000000000009999-E32787611C218FE9
  • Ok , thanks. :-)
  • Honestly EA without addressing the elephant in the room, DRE errors, all your patches and tuners will all be met with utter angst and vitriol by the community. At this point it's painfully obvious you can't fix it so just come clean already and say it cannot be fixed. Be clear that the matchmaking for next year (if there's a game) will be revamped / streamlined or even put back to the old way if that's easier. The only real problem with last year's system was that some idiots would stay in the middle (for drop ins). Surely a simple fix to that can be achieved for that mode.

    At this point either of these are better than beating a dead horse. Even if you do by some miracle fix it we all know something else will be messed up in its place. Case in point the HUT issues now.

    We all know the HUT issue will be fixed right away though....c'mon now. Can't stop the cash cow from flowing.

    BlahQz - Owner of WikkiD6 - PS4
  • I can’t access HUT after the patch.. I get a error message
    Error code: 240A13847FB7E401-0000000009999-E32787611C218FE9
    Perfect timing, let’s release a update that doesn’t work before the weekend! Thanks EA
  • I installed the update and got this error code when opening HUT "Failed to retrieve data; please try again later. ERROR CODE: 24DA13847FB7E401-0000000000009999-E32787611C218FE9"
  • Well you fixed one thing and broke another now I can't go to my sets
  • f1x81hgyf19n.jpg
    I can't inter in hut
  • An update before the weekend. Very smart.
    What now? We won't play NHL this weekend?
  • yup, same here - can't access any of the online modes on ps4..
  • Guys ..... seriously? So many issue's over the years. I never cared enough to come on here or complain. Year in year out this is basically the only game I play and have been playing since nhlpa 93 . I as an adult i spend at least a 1000 a year on this game (I'm sure my transactions back that up) this new update is the topper though . How does this happen ? How do you release a patch and screw everything up ? Your job is to make games and fix issues . With all the heat on you guys as a developer you would think you would be a little more diligent with your products . This Is is hands down the biggest joke of an update you have ever created . So much so I literally started this account just to come on here for this reason . Never thought id say this as with all the flaws I still love hut . I hope you guys lose this license or get some competition when it comes to making hockey. I also hope much like in the past you reward people for your poor game design . One by one everyone I know that used to play this game are dropping off . Based on how long it takes to find games now I'm going to assume this is becoming more and more regular .
  • No access to sets in HUT....during a month long campaign to turn in sets to earn a Christmas reward....hilarious April fools joke in December, EA!
  • Game crashes all the time after games and i dont get any money or rewards. Can you fix this problem?
  • hello EA team...please fix Trinec and Thomas Sabo team jerseys in Spengler cup mode and fix penalty occurence to make game playable again in offline mode. thanks
  • Play franchise mode until they repair HUT and CHEL.
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