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Losing connection shouldn't mean losing the match!

A number of times this season - my first back in the NHL series for some time - playing HUT my online connection to EA has dropped for what seems a nano-second and I get the dreaded screen followed by the only option being to end the game.

After doing this I don't mind the opponent getting the win - even if on two occasions I have been leading the match - but I do mind the fact that I "lose" the game: In HUT Champs that means a lower rating; in Divisions it may be the difference between promotion or not, relegation or not - and all because the connection to EA browns out for practically no time at all.

There must be some way to determine that a player has not paused, and then quit the game - if it's a malfunction at EA or at the network providers end why impact the player?


  • Kmahrle83
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    edited December 2018
    You've been EA'D u unfortunately. It's their world and we just suffer in it
  • Bumping this because it happened to me again today - the fourth time in a month! zpndyu0umlc0.png Before every game I check the connection and only play opponents with three green bars and a ping time below 40ms - but it's clearly not effecting them as well as they register the win (in this case 0-3 because I was winning 1-0 at the time) as well as me the loss. This is clearly not the case - I didn't pause the match, didn't chose exit - was playing and the screen just appeared. Note that no other issues with any internet connections live in my house dropped so it's not a local issue at home.

    I appreciate that online play is at risk for dropouts or brown outs, but surely the game can register it as a null game when this happens - if you quit before the puck is dropped you're not charged with a loss - so why when you lose connection when you're winning the game and clearly didn't quit!?!
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