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GAMEPLAY UPDATE #11 (Please Sticky)

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With the most recent Content Update adding famed grapplers Dan Severn and Chael Sonnen to the game, it’s only fitting that Gameplay Update #11 brings with it some big additions to the takedown system, changes that include both new controls and new animations. Learn about these changes, and you will soon be grappling like Dan “The Beast” Severn, as you also try to re-live Chael Sonnen’s undefeated run in the UFC.

Driving Takedown

The first change introduces a new type of takedown attempt called the driving takedown. The purpose of this type of takedown is to drive your opponent’s back into the cage to allow you to attempt the takedown from there.


You can initiate the driving takedown by holding down LT/L2 and LB/L1 and performing a double leg takedown input with the right stick. If done when your opponent’s back is less than 14 feet from the cage, you’ll attempt a driving takedown.
Power takedowns can still be initiated by first performing a basic double leg takedown, then pressing LB/L1 to modify the finish into the power version.

The benefit of the driving takedown is that you can initiate a takedown against the cage from a much greater distance than with a regular takedown. The drawback is that it can cost considerably more stamina than a regular takedown, depending on how it is initiated and how it is defended.

The driving takedown performed against an opponent who is not defending will cost stamina, where the amount of stamina is a function of how far from the cage you initiate the takedown and therefore how long you need to drive them back to get to the cage.

The other factor affecting stamina is the timing of the denial input by the defender. If the denial is input early, the stamina tax on the fighter performing the driving takedown will increase considerably, and the stamina tax on the defender will be minimal. Conversely, if the denial is input late the stamina tax on the fighter performing the takedown will be less, and the stamina tax on the defender will be much larger.

Once the stamina of the fighter performing the takedown goes below a certain threshold (which is a function of the takedown ratings), the defender will sprawl on the attacker.

This makes the interaction between stamina, distance to the cage, and denial timing key to understanding when best to perform a driving takedown. If done properly, it can give you a stamina advantage over your opponent with their back against the cage ready to be taken down.

If performed at an inopportune time, it can leave you at a big stamina disadvantage in a position where you are exposed to a submission.

Spear Takedown

The next change is the addition of the spear takedown. The spear takedown is a new kind of undeniable takedown that takes you into side control when performed successfully.


The spear takedown is performed by attempting a regular double leg takedown when your opponent is in a health event, or you have a stamina advantage on your opponent greater than 50%.

Takedown Feints

The final change gives players the ability to feint takedown attempts by pressing the block button, similar to how you can feint strikes by cancelling them in the same way.


The primary benefit of using takedown feints is to try and setup clinch attempts by baiting a takedown denial, and immediately clinching before the opponent is able to switch to a clinch denial.

The takedown feint does still carry the vulnerability of a takedown, so if your opponent doesn’t bite on the feint, you risk taking considerable damage if they land a strike on you while you feint.


Sprinting in to finish off an opponent or catch someone off-guard can be a key technique to winning a fight. However, it previously came at the expense of certain lunging combos due to overlapping inputs. With this update, you’ll now be able to better chain lunges together without accidentally causing a sprint. To sprint, you’ll now have to lunge forward and then push and hold the left stick forward again.

Lunging backwards and then forward, a common footwork pattern and effective skill, will no longer cause you to sprint. Similarly, entering a double forward lunge by quickly flicking the left stick twice will have a more generous window. Holding the second lunge a bit too long will still cause a quick run, but your fighter should recover into a lunge if done soon enough.


Lastly, and perhaps the most important change to sprinting, is that you will no longer automatically enter a sprint when your opponent is wobbled or stunned. This will allow players to walk down injured opponents like in Conor McGregor’s classic style, or intentionally blitz their opponent by sprinting in.

Make sure you check out Content Update #11(https://www.ea.com/games/ufc/ufc-3/news/ufc-3-content-roster-update-11) for all the details on the latest roster additions in UFC 3.

copied from https://www.ea.com/games/ufc/ufc-3/news/ufc-3-gameplay-update-11
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