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One of my biggest beefs with the game every year is that I like to be as realistic as possible. I would like to be able to start a franchise mode as soon as I get the game. Yet be able to get the roster updates and be able to use the updates in the franchise mode I have already started. I think if you read the comments most people feel that way. We all wait till the rookies and ahl guys are in. We could start without worrying that we would have to restart or franchise. The other thing along those lines are most of the time if your team makes a major trade and you try making that trade in franchise mode, you get rejected.


  • Froommey
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    Realistic as possible is the perfect word for it. I speak here for Franchise only. So many player likenesses are missing, we have no new Goalie masks or creator app since years. Why to hell do you not give us an option to import scanned faces from EA Face scan websites to the players in the game ? We could scan and upload from there. To add the Legends should be also no big problem. Many missing jerseys like the Buffalo Sabres from 2005/2006 season. We have not this statistics which we need for Franchise. When I trade a player during a season I want to know the different statistic between old and my Team and not adding all together naned with NHL or AHL. Therefore we need a complete player card with all stats named by Team including youth stats and trades and for whom be traded and also honors and Cup rings. Also not possible to open the calender and look for past games stats during the season. Also no stats about past years. Some points of this was included in past issues but you removed it, why ? This random of the game is so poor made, that let me think the developers have no real knowledge about hockey or do not want to work on none lucrative details. In new Roster updates you are not able to add new prospect players nationality in the player profiles. ( Josh Lawrence for example and more players have no nationality ) This small mistakes say to me to that you dont want invest time in such modes. If you do not want to work from your side of opinion not lucrative game modes, please remove them.

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