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EASHL Club playoffs starting on christmas?

Yet another thought out responsible play by ea sports boys! Shows 6 days 7 hrs for the club playoffs to open. So right on boys it’s open for the three days over Christmas and then closed for another 30 days? Way to make it on Christmas Day when absolutely nobody will make it for that. Absolutely spectacular rocket science skills again EA!! Couldn’t have planned a better time for playoffs myself! Very unhappy club... we haven’t played them once yet due to errors and finally the game is smooth it looks like and you schedule playoffs for Christmas Day. Why? Why why?


  • People play playoffs?
    BlahQz - Owner of WikkiD6 - PS4
  • Snapcaster1
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    edited December 2018
    Well lol we’ve tried... found two games last month... I had some faith since the game seems to be smooth and almost error free that the playoffs would be working properly this month. Be nice if they would start it after Xmas like Boxing Day or like the 27th through 30th. Would just make more sense over the holidays. But making sense doesn’t make cents at EA SPORTS.
  • Problem with playoffs is that there's no real reason to play them. There's no real incentive. Frankly ppl have next to no faith in the matchmaking as is with these DRE's so it makes even less sense to try a playoff with an even smaller sample size of teams. Takes long enough to find a game already.
    BlahQz - Owner of WikkiD6 - PS4
  • Is there still a banner raising at the beginning of games at playoff champs?
  • Don't think so. If there is I've never seen it and I only play club. No one bothers with that playoff garbage.
    BlahQz - Owner of WikkiD6 - PS4
  • Ya figures guess you can’t blame anyone for not playing a broken game. my apologies EA scheduling is no big deal nobody plays them anyway!!
  • Maybe if with a playoff win you could unlock Dee Snyder singing the Canadian anthem
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