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Help - game is messed up

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So I haven't really had any major issues until this 80's tournament, but to be fair ive only had game since cyber Monday.

In the 80s tourney I am rocking BU synery, and 2 or 3 other I think, and my players are getting danced around. If I try any kind of forcheck I give up 3 on 2s, and I am always getting screwed over trying to enter zone because I end up with no passing options and my AI is hopeless.

I don't know why my strategies don't seem to be working and all my opponents are doing is dancing around behind my net and when I try to switch players its like my controller is drunk, if I try to poke check its like the player hits a slow motion wall and does recover, so I am left with the option of just trying to block shots. My last game I lost 2-1 and had 20% of the zone time my opp had.

I am not a horrible player by any means, last nhl I played was 15 and I was top 100 in hut. I could roll 3 star teams against 5 stars and hold my own no problem. now it seems like I am playing up hill in an event that has just 1 player superior. I really don't understand why my players lose EVERY loose puck battle and get outskated every game.

Any help would be appreciated in understanding how to improve my absolutely USELESS AI who do nothing but go out of position. I wish I could upload some of these instances, such as passing it back my point and then watching ALL of my AI including the 2nd D man skate into the opposite corner....my jaw literally dropped at this one.


  • I legit tried 1 more game with the same results
    adding my opponent just ragged the puck after going up 2 nothing, finished 6-1, because its impossible to steal the puck

    His team was out skating my team like crazy, chasing him was a joke.

    How are you supposed to take puck off of someone ragging? I am at a loss for why my team is so terrible.
  • monz
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    Either A, unfortunately your time away from the franchise has lead to you losing your edge or B, connection issues (more likey from what you describe).
  • TheTerminus
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    Ive lost some edge no doubt, and really doubt its connection
    have played 2 more games in 80s, and now it seems my opp is facing the issues. My players are obviously faster, and my AI was stripping the puck like crazy.

    I use to lol at tilt claims, but this is just unreal

    game is just bad, no idea why EA wont host servers for online game play. 64 people can shoot bullets at each simultaneously, but god help 2 people shooting a puck around.

    It also feels like the EA NHL community has gotten A LOT smaller....

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  • OprtnShtdwn
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    The community has gotten smaller just as quick as the game has got worse. I’d honestly be surprised if the NHL franchise has a NHL ‘21 or ‘22.

    There is so much wrong with all the modes in this game, and the developer team is all of about 8 people. Less and less are buying it. The only reason I still even bother playing is because I’ve wanted Lemieux. Once I get him and get my fill in, I’m very likely done with the NHL franchise for good

    To be totally honest, I wasn’t going to buy this years. Once the beta came out, and it felt so much more different and a tad refreshing, I was excited. Then they took away everything that the beta was and now the game, to be frank, sucks.
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