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Drastic Inconsistency with Online HUT gameplay

I am noticing that roughly 1/3 of my games that my control input and player performance is noticeably handicapped.

My players will takes ages to respond to directional changes after a pass and inputs that would set up a one timer instead miss activating the pass and fire off a shot, or trying a slap shot just ends up as a weak wrist shot. High speed/accel skaters, fully rested, will get blown away by notoriously slower players.

Adding to this the hopeless plight of trying to dislodge puck raggers and figure skaters, I am at a loss as to why this happens in games with good connections and low pings. The fact that this is so inconsistent and varies game to game leaves me wondering what is the root cause of these issues, and why do they not affect both players equally?

Why is stable online play still elusive to this game?

I look forward to some constructive insight on this matter.

Thank you.
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