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NHL 20 Patch Details April 3rd

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Hopeful suggestions to take into consideration.

Hello team, I know we haven't seen eye to eye a lot. However, I just would like to offer some gameplay suggestions that I would like for you to implement. I know I'm just some guy on the web and my insight isn't as meaningful as say someone with development experience. You all are trying to produce the best product on limited time I understand this and I hope that this will only be helpful to the overall experience of everyone.

I am a defensemen in EASHL, I play a style that is extremely effective at stopping elite talent on offense and limit them to low scoring tight games. It's play the winger upfront and take away that bottom right, while not letting them over my blue line.

I want to be nerfed.

Let me break down as to why. The reason I'm able to play so effectively is closing speed, what I mean by this, is no matter what move or anything that my opponent makes I am too quick at being able to back up into the play and make a play on the puck.

I offer a simple suggestion to fix this that I think would actually be the skating change people want. Extreme responsiveness when in close and in control. With an extreme lack of speed, meaning that a moving winger will blow by you unless you retreat in on your position or make a play on the puck. Which I would ask to be more difficult. Don't take that to mean an extreme difference, however playing the puck carrier should be a bit harder.

Right now playing the puck carrier from behind is not only realistic it's borderline an exact replicate of the NHL you don't want to be on a player's back. If you are on his back not only is he going to beat you he should have the absolute ability to create enough space for a shot. Unless he's reaching out behind himself or trying to whip a shot with a snap.

So to counteract this responsiveness at low speed. Let's bring back the glide and the high speed relative chaos, that involves tripping if you lose your balance from going to fast and trying to make a move you aren't capable of based on your skating technique. Don't overdue this! It's meant for trying to whip your legs and cut at the same time with a guy draping on you, not trying to do a simple 45 and take a shot.

The last change is shots, shots need to be much much quicker and less easy to trample. It's much to easy right now to just sit in the lane and clog it then get in close so the player can't get off a shot. The change to speed and responsiveness will give offense and defense different responsibilities now, however, this will also be giving wingers and forwards space to gets shots off, at a much quicker pace as will be the change.

Forwards are borderline children when trying to hit a loose puck, as stick collisions aren't physics based, and have no bearing on how hard a swing hits the puck or what trajectory it was going to go off of the sticks in question as a defensemen reaches and a forward tries to snap it in. The chop needs to be repurposed into a shot for forwards and a defensive mechanism in close for Defense to try and push it this way and that. It needs to be quicker as well.

Bottom line responsiveness and skill need to be given their day in the spotlight once more. Give us more skill in the offense and more discipline on defense. I'm sorry Dman I'm one of you but we are given too much clout especially in the vs and other game modes. I believe one of the Devs had admitted that an Elite dman should be able to shut down every shot. Which I just found an extremely wrong take on the purpose of hockey and why it's such a fun and exciting sport. The best Dmen are the best because they take the angles and remove from equations the most dangerous oppertunities they are not nullifying forces that can shut down an entire play and this needs to be reflected in game.

The goalies of course need their own revamp, however, that is not my expertise. I would only say that the AI goalies are extremely exploitable in the current state, though they are extremely difficult in some aspects with certain stick movements though they are flopping and unable to keep up. It just seems like the randomness of what they will pick up and what they won't is a bit too inconsistent on the AI front. I think that EASHL goalies are in a good spot.

Only difference I would suggest there is give them more tools to be responsive from the higher amount of shots they will be facing from the improvements to shot ability in close to get the puck up and the more space for players.

Acceleration needs to feel better. It shouldn't be lightning quick so you can close gaps as soon as they are open, however, it needs to have a good build up when you are trying to get going. Speed just needs to be buffed in general. Top end is much too slow for puck carriers. The player reaching top end should not be caught by a player accelerating to meet their top end.

I know this is a lot, so I'll bullet point.

*Defense needs less speed less shut down higher skill more responsiveness more room to fail
*Offense needs more speed less responsiveness more stick control more room to fail
*Shots need to be quicker and with more power based on the stick movements and especially in close
*Change DSS to OSS on offensive side of the ice to make it a one hand shot and poker for shots
*Goalies need to be more dynamically reacting to shots with a lot of different outcomes instead of one or two shot types being specified as having a chance it's kind of silly
*Acceleration and Speed feel improvements and logic fixes.

I know some will not like these, and I'm open for debate if people think that offense is already overpowered. I just think that the more we give space to players the more skill can be displayed and that means the defense actually getting involved as well.
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