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Dekes too overpovered

Because Ea-sports personel currently is uncapable to fix dekes to something playable level (game would look like hockey), I suggest that you hire people back who fixed goalie change during match, it was simple, find folder concerning current overpowered move (at this time deke), highlight it and press delete, seems to work. This will give you a few years to figure it out how to make it fair. If however you just choose to tinker with it here is few suggestions: Penalties drawn with deke moves should result 50/50% from diving vs. tripping because they look like it. Another good move would be that one might actually poke or sticklift it away from the stick blade (if this is currently possible it isn't working). Just to remind you how you have dealt these problems before onetimers have been nerfed, brakeaways have been nerfed cross ice pass-->shoot (not a onetimer) have been nerfed to playable level so i was just wondering what is the difficulty of fixing too overpovered dekes?


  • Just to be clear, i don't mean the ones that comes from L1, i mean the ones ppl keeps it at side (kinda looks like he's guarding the puck). It is beyond frustrating when your real choises are to pull a penalty or let him go to shoot between hashmarks and score 90% of shots witch is something else you might look into.
  • Just kind of special dekes should be limited on special players. Not every NHL working horse can do such dekes in reality same as skating in Tuner 1.0 cause not everyone can skate like McDavid
  • Above1988
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    edited December 2018
    The title of the post should be "defense is underpowered"... because that's the problem this game has had for years.

    Anyone whose "good" knows to just puck rag and curl for days because theres really nothing you can do on defense to effectively break the puck loose and gain possession. So, you have a game where players skate 200ft up and down the length of the ice with the puck magically glued to their stick and an invisible force shield that protects them from being hit , unless you gain the right amount of momentum and hit them straight on (which of course is impossible because they just keep twirling in loopdy loops)...

    Thank the game changers because this is what being skilled means to them.

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