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New hut players

Just a reminder a lot of kids got this game today and will be playing. Keep it friendly and clean.


  • Absolutely. AND if you get hate/whine messages, just say you will report them and wish merry xmas. ;)
  • Socair
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    Removed a couple of off topic replies. Please use another relevant thread for gameplay issues.
  • Pretty sure I played one of those last night - HUT Champs qualification 1 game and his team had McDavid and a bunch of no-name cards - didn't even see Gretzky on the ice. Won easily but by playing hockey not cheesing it and not running up a barrage of goals so I hope they continue to play and build their team.
  • LOL. i played online on saturday for the Daily Objectives and as my opponent was racking up a 9-0 win all i heard was. "So easy" as he'd admired his replays with every goal and gloating along the way. he was no kid and had a Xbox Gamer Score of 74K to my 1,600. i'm sure his family and friends were as proud as he was in beating someone with 34 Online wins this season.

    i guess if Alabama can schedule The Citadel, HUT can match me up with players like him.
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