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Vision control is crucial to winning

Don't make fun of me but now I recognize how crucial holding vision control is on defence and offense!

On offense, if you're not using it your passes get picked off more and your shots miss way more often

On defence , when you hold vision control and move the guy with the LS I realize if I keep holding on the RS too it makes my defender move more articulately! It's really helped me against puck raggers

Anyone else notice how important it is on both sides of the ice?


  • Sometimes it works, other times it doesn't. And other times, it's better to let the ai do it for you.
  • Am I nuts but do using both sticks on defence help make more accurate manoeuvres?
  • Vision Control is very important. Many people believe it is currently “broken”, but it’s not. Some skill is required to use it correctly and effectively.
  • "VC" is broken. and also very important. and yes the OP is right. there are certain times that hitting the "VC" button makes no sense but actually creates good results.... like shooting.
  • I just kinda wish that it would pan towards the weak side as you break into the offensive zone along the boards.
    All Comments pertain to 6v6 drop in unless otherwise stated..
  • The problem with VC is that its like rolling the dice, you get unpredictable results almost every time. I played a guy who mastered it and exploited it like hell, couldn't get near him to save my life.
  • taking the bait, how do you master the VC?
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